Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chocolate Chip and Pirate Dreams

I really needed to sleep, but the guys downstairs were at work and noisy. I just read in bed and wrote in my journal until I was ready to face the world again. When I did drag myself out of bed, I had breakfast and ran a couple of Laverne & Shirley third season episodes I hadn't gotten to yet. Shirley badly wants to complete "The Obstacle Course" and join the Ladies Police Auxiliary Group, but she's not very good at it. Laverne tries to help build her confidence. Lenny invites Laverne to a "Debutante Ball" when he discovers he's 89th in line for the Polish throne. The girls try to help Carmine earn the money to buy "The Dance Studio," but their attempts to aid him prove to be more of a hindrance than anything else.

Mom called as I was finishing breakfast. I called her a few days ago. She hadn't liked the way I sounded on the phone and was worried. I told her my stomach was mostly better, but my head still feels like it's stuffed with cotton. I'm not the only one who's sick. Dad-Bill has bronchitis; Mom's been taking care of him. Otherwise, everyone is fine. Thanks to the nice weather, Mom's been busy at the Ferry until recently - she only just got days off.

I'd already come to the conclusion that I wasn't up to any kind of volunteering this week, and it's been too cold to wander around at the Market Place shopping center anyway. I did have some errands that I absolutely had to get done today, starting with a run to CVS. Half the medicine in my bathroom is way beyond expired. I don't get sick that often, so I almost never use it. I bought a box of Tylenol Cold & Flu capsules that were on a good sale and a Reeces' Fast Break, and I was still able to get $1.35 back from that gift card Rose gave me for Christmas.

Rose also gave me a $5 gift card to WaWa, so I went there next. Picked up a Turkey Panini and a small bag of Go Life popcorn. (I don't like potato chips. Too greasy.) They were busy, but I got out fast enough.

Had a quick lunch at home, then headed right back out again. I really, really needed to get the laundry done. I'd put it off for over a week. Actually, thanks to not going anywhere for two days, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Thankfully, the laundromat wasn't busy. There was one couple and one other person, and I saw no one else. I worked on story ideas and half-listened to talk shows and Action News.

When I got in, I put the laundry away while finishing out The Pirate Movie, which I began during lunch. One of two versions of The Pirate of Penzance that came out in 1982, this musical tells of Mabel (Kristy MacNichol), a young Australian girl who dreams she's the Mabel of the famous Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. The boy she has a crush on is Fredrick, torn between love and duty. Her friends are the prim sisters; everyone else she met earlier that day are the pirates, the cops, and the Major General. The pirates are after the girls and the General's wealth. When matters come to a head , Mabel learns that in dreams, everyone has the power to make their own happy ending. Goofy and weird but a lot of fun if you can handle odd 80's musical cheese.

Moved to Naughty Marietta while turning chocolate cake mix into Double Fudge Mint Chip Cookies and eating scrambled eggs with winter vegetables for dinner. Mabel is far from the only young woman who dreams of falling for a swashbuckler. Princess Marie (Jeanette MacDonald) runs away to New Orleans with a group of young women who are to become brides for the local population. Their ship is captured by pirates, but the ladies are saved by a group of local mercenaries, including dashing Captain Richard Warrington (Nelson Eddy). She and Warrington don't see eye to eye, but when he discovers she's not exactly the innocent lass, he's more interested. They gradually fall for each other...but matters come crashing down when her guardians and unwanted fiancee arrive and reveal who she really is.

The first of the MacDonald/Eddy movies is my personal favorite of their vehicles along with Maytime. While this was one of Eddy's first acting jobs and he's stiff as a board, MacDonald is clearly having more fun, including getting some good lines. Their "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life" duet is an iconic moment. If you love romantic musicals with a little bit of action or the MacDonald/Eddy movies, this is one of the best.

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