Monday, February 22, 2016

A Hint of Spring In the Air

It was an absolutely glorious day when I finally dragged my rear out of bed. After finishing Snow White and the Three Stooges, I made the bed and puttered around while listening to more Donna Summer. I can't remember the last time I made the bed. It's been a while. I rarely bother. Who's gonna see it? I was starting to have a hard time finding the sheets, though. I also changed the Cabbage Patch Dolls into more spring-like outfits. (I forgot to take them out of their Christmas dresses!)

Hit the laundromat next, around 12:30. It was very busy there, though I was able to get a washer. By the time my small load was out, the dryers were mostly free and they were beginning to clear out. I listened to Action News and The Chew and worked on notes for my current story.

(And I have yet another Star Wars fanfic idea, in the "lord only knows when I'll get to it" category. We jump back to 1977. Leia is a superheroine, fighting for freedom and justice in corrupt Coruscant City. Luke is a normal college kid whose life changes radically when he wanders into a mystical antique shop owned by a strange old man and discovers that he is the inheritor of a heroic dynasty. Han is a carpenter/repairman whose side jobs may be more than a little shady...but is that all he is? He agrees to help Luke and his new friends get to Leia's rich family, only to find them murdered and their daughter missing. Yes, we're going to be playing with Bronze/Silver Age superhero cliches here, inspired by the cheesy, stylized, sometimes macabre, but generally goofy superhero films of the late 70's, 80's, and early 90's.)

As soon as I put the laundry away, I hurried right back out. I was originally going to have lunch at the deli on West Clinton, but I forgot they're closed on Mondays. I had a nice, quiet spicy-sweet iced tea, Cranberry-White Chocolate Scone, and slice of Sausage, Pepper, and Onion quiche at Common Grounds Coffee House instead. They were very quiet by past 2 PM, with only a pair of women chatting at one of the tables by the window. I read the positive quotes on the walls while eating lunch.

It was a great day for a ride through Newton Lake Park. Though it's still largely winter here, it got into the 50's and felt more like spring. Most of the ice and almost all of the snow leftover from our previous snow storms and deep freezes is almost completely gone. I had to dodge a lot of dog walkers, joggers, other bikers, and people out for a walk.

I was surprised that the Haddon Township Library was fairly busy when I arrived, given the nice day. Of course, it was pretty late by then, too. The DVDs were overflowing again, children and adults. I just organized the kids' DVDs and left the adult titles for the kids coming in after school to put away. I also shelved new releases and the one audio book that was there. They gave me a bright-green bag for being a good, faithful volunteer. Turned out to contain a small bag of gourmet chocolates and a very sweet card. (I didn't take anything out - I still have movies from last week I hadn't gotten to.)

Made a quick stop at Thriftway for their cheap eggs before heading home. While they weren't quite as cheap as they were a few weeks ago, $2.99 for an 18-pack is still a steal (and much cheaper than the Acme's). I briefly ran into my friend Erica and got to say hi to her, too.

I enjoyed my ride home, despite the rush hour traffic on Cuthbert and the White Horse Pike. I wasn't the only one. Everyone was out enjoying the weather, walking, riding, playing catch and running around. One little girl on a bike with her friends commented "Isn't it a lovely day?" I had to agree with her.

When I finally got in, I put the eggs away and went into writing. Luke rides Chewbacca to Ben's cottage at the edge of the Enchanted Woods to tell him about the ball. Ben already knows - he got an invitation earlier. He pulls out a suit of armor and a beautiful sword that had once belonged to Luke's father. They're made out of a special, extra-hard crystal that only Force Knights can manipulate. Ben wants Luke to come to the ball, but he's has chores to do, and he's sure he won't belong. Ben has other ideas...

Finished the night with leftovers and DuBarry Was a Lady. This goofy musical from 1942 has Red Skelton as a hat-check boy in love with a nightclub singer (Lucile Ball). She in turn loves a handsome dancer and songwriter (Gene Kelly), but has convinced herself she can only marry for money. She becomes engaged to the hat-check boy when he wins big in a sweepstakes. He thinks the dancer is jealous and tries to drug him, but ends up drugged himself. He dreams he's King Louie of France, the singer is DuBarry, and the dancer is a revolutionary out to bring them both down. When the dream turns into a bit of a nightmare, he finally learns that love isn't something that can be bought or forced.

Cute bit of wartime fluff - great for fans of Big Band music (a couple of numbers with Tommy Dorsey's band have nothing to do with the story), Ball, or Skelton (Kelly doesn't really have that much to do).

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