Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Ends of Space

Began a beautiful, sunny day with more Space Academy. In "The Cheat," Cadet Matt Prentiss is under fire for ignoring several safety warnings. He gets another chance when they send him on a mission to help Paul, but when he plunges the kids into danger, everyone's questioning his competence again. "My Favorite Marcia" was hilarious. Marcia is an Indiana Jones-esque former lover of Professor Gampu whom he and the kids run into on an asteroid that's inhabited by a killer robot. This episode was worth it just to watch Gampu and Marcia go at each other - even the kids thought it was cute.

Work was a pain today. We're getting pretty close to the beginning of the month, with all the fun people who give you trouble, won't help bag, and are just plain rude. Didn't help that my register decided to slow down and die twenty minutes before I left, holding up a long line. Thank goodness my relief was on time.

It was such a nice day, I took the long way home down Nicholson. The traffic was a bit heavy, but I really wanted to get a little time outside. Besides, it was a great way to relax after all the trouble at work, too. I really hate the beginning of the month.

When I got in, I went straight on the computer. Leia's about to ask Han more questions when he sees a man in green armor - huntsman Boba Fett - show up at the door. He makes a run for it, pulling her outside with him. To avoid Fett following them, he kisses her on a bench, trying to look normal. While it does get them past Fett, Leia is less than amused...and shows it with a fist to his face.

Finished out Space Academy while making leftovers for dinner and putting together Chocolate Chip "Old School" Muffins from Alton Brown's baking cookbook. "Star Legend" takes the entire gang to a mysterious abandoned ship in the Alderan Triangle (cough, not the one from Star Wars that blew up). Someone - or something - is trying to frighten them off the ship, but what? "Johnny Sunseed" is the older brother of Professor Gampu, who wishes humans would "get back to their roots" and hates technology. He learns a lesson in how computers and plants can co-exist when Peepo is the only one who can help him after he eats some genetically altered food that's been making everyone sick.

And that was that. Too bad this show didn't run longer. Despite the cheesy special effects, some stiff dialogue, and the need to conform this to "kids show" standards, I thought this was a lot of fun. Johnathan Harris in particular made a great and very intense 200-year-old Professor. This might even be fun for some younger kids today who don't mind the dated effects and occasional stilted acting from the child actors.

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