Sunday, February 21, 2016

On the Radio

Began a vaguely sunny morning with Banana-Spice Pancakes and disco. The slightly gloomy weather made feel a need for some relatively upbeat music. I danced along to Donna Summer's classic greatest hits collection On the Radio, a very old childhood favorite of mine. I've been dancing to this literally my whole life. Dad-Bill was (and probably still is) a huge fan of hers. I remember dancing to his original LP copy when Rose and I were toddlers.

Work was on-and-off steady again, though generally busier than yesterday. The weather may have spooked people. It was still pretty decent when I got to work, but the clouds slowly increased all afternoon. We're not supposed to get snow this time around, but they are talking about at least a little rain. There were some annoying people who wouldn't help bag, and we had trouble when one man forgot his ID (we were given a new policy two days ago - anyone doing a large order on a credit card needs to show their card and ID) and I had to call a manager to override him, but otherwise. there were no major problems. The afternoon flew by, and my relief was right on time.

When I got home, I went directly into writing. Luke is going to Ben Kenobi to warn him that the evil Lord Vader may be plotting against the Aldran royal family. Han says he can't go with him - he has something to take care of. He does send him off on Chewie and tells him he'll meet him and Ben at the Eisley Tavern later.

Finished the night with leftovers and some more memories. I had some of the Barbara Streisand album Back to Broadway when it came out in the 90's, taped off a library copy, but I didn't get the whole thing until recently. I especially love "Children Will Listen" (which reminds me - one of the few cast albums I don't have is Into the Woods), "Everyone Says Don't," and the duet with Johnny Mathis from West Side Story "I Have a Love/One Hand, One Heart."

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