Sunday, February 28, 2016

Queen of the Parking Lot

It was another lovely, sunny day when I finally pulled out of bed this morning. I thought I'd try something a little different and made Cornmeal Pancakes for breakfast. They frankly turned out a bit dry, even though I added whole wheat flour in there, too. Hadn't listened to any of my rock records in a while. I did Foreigner's 4, along with the soundtrack from Streets of Fire.

Good thing it was such a lovely day, if still windy when I arrived at work. I spent most of it outside. I thought the hours I got this week were kind of strange. Turns out at least three baggers went on vacation this week, leaving us short-handed in that department. I hadn't even noticed on the schedule that I was among the regular cashiers recruited to fill the gap. While I wish they could have given me more warning, it was nice to push carts and return items instead of listening to people fuss all night. I actually got a whole, full cart of returns done. I also haven't returned carts in months. I was so sore when I finished and headed home.

Went straight into writing when I got home. Where Boba Fett the huntsman is, the greedy King Jabba the Ogre can't be far behind. Han confronts Jabba, who had gone to the stables to see if he was there. Jabba can see through Han's magic-induced disguise; Force powers don't effect him. Han, a servant to Jabba, has been smuggling spices and drugs for him in order to buy his way out of debt. He swears he'll have the money as soon as the old knight pays him.

I relaxed with the last of the leftover bean-escarole soup for dinner and more music. I picked up the original cast album for the Broadway version of Newsies last year, after I bought the soundtrack and remembered how much I enjoyed it. The stage Newsies was a surprise hit in New York a few years ago, and I like it, too. Though the outline of the plot - a group of newsboys in 1899 go on strike when the newspaper barons raise the prices they pay for papers - remains the same, some characters and most of the second half has changed. The male journalist whose article brought attention to the boys' crusade is now a female journalist looking to prove herself in hard news; she also eliminates the bland love interest sister. There's some ok new songs in with the originals, and Jack's relationship with Crutchie, the disabled Newsie, and his desire to get out west, are made even more dramatic here.

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