Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tales of the Guardians and the Skywalkers

After the lousy weather we've had the last two days, I was so grateful to see the sun shining when I got up this morning. I drowned out the guys cursing and blasting 80's music downstairs with more Sailor Moon as I ate breakfast. Chib-Usa begins softening towards Usagi in the next round of stories. Though she still behaves abominably at times, we begin to see her more as a scared child, and learn that she's holding a secret...and some incredible powers of her own.

I finally got to the Oaklyn Library around quarter after 12. They were surprisingly busy for a decent, if windy, day, with lots of people using the computers. The librarian switched from politics on CNN to more useful news on The Weather Channel. I took a look at the DVD's and went over the kids' area.

I realized earlier that I hadn't eaten at any of the restaurants in Audubon for a while. I thought it was time I gave the newly-repaired train bridge over Nicholson Road a test-run. As it turned out, it was only half-done. The side leading into Oaklyn was smooth and road great, and even had a new concrete walkway. The side leading into Audubon...looked like it hadn't been touched. It was still a mass of holes, and the walkway remained wooden. Maybe they ran out of money before they could finish? It's obvious there's still work to do.

Had lunch at the Legacy Diner, a few blocks from Abbie Road and Desserts By Design. Though they were still fairly busy at 1:30, I had no problems getting a seat. I decided to try something different and had a crepe filled with strawberries and raspberry compote, with whipped topping (likely from an aerosol can) and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It was ok. The crepe didn't really taste like much of anything, and the compote was too sweet and a bit gluey.

Headed down Market Avenue and over to Cuthbert to do this week's Haddon Township Library volunteering. They were even busier than the Oaklyn Library! All of the shelves were overflowing, with every type of material. I organized and shelved books and DVD's for over an hour and a half, and I still didn't close to finish it all. I decided to leave some for the local kids who volunteer after school. I looked over Star Wars novels, but I just ended up with DVD's. They finally had two movies from last summer I'd been wanting to see, the complicated sci-fi tale Tomorrowland and the Melissa McCarthy vehicle Spy. Found another foreign animated movie that looked interesting as well, Nocturne.

Only had one quick stop to make on the way home, since it was already after 4 by the time I got out of the library. I went to Rite Aid, hoping they'd have sales on soap. Nope. I didn't even see any half-price Valentine's candy I wanted. I just bought Ivory, the cheapest soap they had.

When I got home, I went straight to my room and on my laptop for a writing session. Bail tells Leia about the Rebels of the Woods. They're stealing from the wicked Empire Kingdom and giving money to the poor and the people left in the cold by the Empire's cruel regime. What Leia doesn't tell her uncle is she's been secretly working with them and giving them money for nearly a year. She proudly agrees to deliver a secret message to a knight who had once worked for her uncle, the great Sir Benjamin Kenobi, who has agreed to attend the ball.

Meanwhile, in another part of the castle, ragged stable boy Luke Skywalker suspects he probably won't be going to the ball. He's an orphan who came to the castle in search of work after the Empire burned his farm and his family. A kindly old healer named Ben helps him get a job. He's shy and gentle, better with horses than people. His only friends are Ben and two perpetually bickering fellow servants, faithful butler and translator Cecil and mute handyman Arthur who speaks with his hands.

Had leftovers for dinner while continuing Sailor Moon. The first episode that had been cut from the original 90's run of this show turned up at this point. Too bad, because although it was technically filler, it's rather sweet. The girls join Rei on a tropical island for a vacation. Rei gets along great with Chibi-Usa (they both drive Usagi bananas and get on her nerves a lot), until she tries to get the kid to eat fish. She won't, and takes off into the water. She drifts out and is almost hurt by sharks, until she makes a new friend - an adorable baby dinosaur who rescues her. The others, though, are out looking for Chibi-Usa, and there's a volcano that's about to go off any minute...

Finished out the nice with a nice, quiet, much-needed bath. Ahhh. That felt wonderful. I read the Star Wars FAQ  (love reading about George Lucas' early drafts, and what he changed or didn't put in...and what would ultimately make it into other parts of the Star Wars universe) and listened to one of my Lena Horne CD's.

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