Thursday, February 25, 2016

Windy Winter

Today was my early work morning. It was...really boring. I arrived at a mostly empty store, and though it did get on-and-off steady later on, we were never really that busy. I spent the majority of the day working on story ideas. Of course, by the time it was starting to pick up a little bit, it was rush hour and time for me to go...and they didn't bother telling me they sent my relief in for someone else. The first person they wanted to send in for me ended up helping a new cashier. By the time they found a second person to go in, I was late getting out. I was not happy. They could have told me I no longer had a relief. I bought my skim milk and stormed out.

The weather didn't improve anyone's mood. Though it never rained again after this morning, it remained gloomy and very, very windy. (Thankfully, the temperatures remain at a slightly-warm but decent 40 degrees.)

Calmed down at home with a little bit of writing. The trio of fictional prince, knight, and master knight have just arrived at the ball. Bail recognizes Sir Kenobi, but has no idea who his proteges are. Leia doesn't recognize them, either...but she does realize Han is not a prince. He's too awkward and annoyed in his fancy velvet outfit to be real royalty.

I started more Space Academy this morning, and I continued it during dinner. I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying this show. Some of the episodes are really fun, despite the obviously low budget and the need to avoid violence. Of the episodes I did get to today, "The Rocks of Janus" was my favorite. The kids are trying to clear away two huge chunks of space rocks before they collide with the Academy. What they turn out to be is surprising...and so is how one of them rescues Laura. (Alas, this is one of the episodes where the need to avoid violence is rather obvious - Laura merely scares the villain way, rather than attacking him. On the other hand, I am glad to see that the girl got to do this. Both female characters are fairly take-charge for the era and a kid's show, something I greatly appreciate.)

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