Friday, February 19, 2016

Funny Fairy Tales

It was another lovely, sunny day when I got moving this morning. Drowned out the cursing and sawing downstairs with one of the best episodes of The Monkees from their very strange second season. "Fairy Tale" is a hilarious minimalist fantasy spoof. Peter is an out-of-work peasant who ends up rescuing a shrill princess (Mike!) with the help of his buddies and a magical locket.

I spent most of the morning working on my story. Cecil (Threepio) and Arthur (Artoo) burst into the stables, carrying a poster announcing the ball. Cecil emphasizes that all unmarried males are to attend. Not only is Princess Leia to be presented to the court, but it's rumored she'll be choosing a groom. Luke wishes he could go and at least see the princess, though he doesn't for a minute think she'd choose him. Han has absolutely no desire to go to any ball. He'd been to a number of them when he was (briefly) a soldier for the Kingdom of the Empire and found them to be nothing but dancing and dull gossip about which noble was dating whom.

Ran some fairy-tale-themed Max & Ruby while having a quick lunch before heading to work. Ruby tells the tale of "Little Red Ruby Hood" to dissuade Max from eating the cookies she baked for Grandma. She tells him "Max & the Beanstalk" to get him to eat his green beans, but it gives him other ideas! Max reminds the girls that even a frog has its charms when they decide to put on "The Froggy Prince."

Thankfully, work wasn't nearly as much of a problem as it had been yesterday or last weekend. The weather probably helped. It was once again sunny and windy, but a perfectly normal mid-upper 30's. It also helps that there's not a lot going on right now. It's the middle of the month, the weather's beautiful (and is supposed to just get nicer as we get into next week), and we're between holidays. There were a few annoying customers. Otherwise, there were no major problems. It slowed down so much by 6, I was able to shut down without a relief or any need for one.

Which somewhat explains my lousy schedule next week. It's a good thing I got my tax return when I did. I only work 15 hours. In addition to Monday-Wednesday off, I'm also off Friday. Admittedly, I did ask for Tuesday off for counseling, and it'll be nice to have a lot of time to write. On the other hand...15 hours? Really? They couldn't have given me a little more? And the trouble is, while it may pick up next week for the beginning of the month, there just isn't much going on other than the beginnings of March Madness, especially if the weather stays nice.

I decided I'd go grocery shopping tomorrow and opted to head right out to dinner instead. I ate at Chick Fil'A. I literally just missed the crowd. Shortly after I ordered, the line went through the whole queue. I had a quick Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap, waffle fries, and Diet Dr. Pepper. The wrap was grilled chicken and vegetables. It was quite tasty, especially with the ranch dressing that came with it - I used it as a dip.

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