Saturday, February 06, 2016

Football Fairy Tales

Began a sunny, breezy morning with football-themed cartoons in honor of the Super Bowl tomorrow. It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown has the Peanuts hitting the field to play in the big homecoming game. Snoopy's filming the game and is cheering up a storm. Lucy refuses to let Charlie Brown kick anything. Chuck's more interested in the dance afterwards - he's the escort for the Little Red Haired Girl.

"Touchdown Mickey" is a black-and-white Disney short that has Mickey's scrappy mouse as the world's least-likely Cam Newton. He's determined to get past those big cats on the opposing side and win this one for Minnie and Clarabelle! (Goofy's a pretty unlikely Al Michaels, too.)

Work was steady when I came in, but it picked up around noon and stayed crazy the rest of the night. It was a total pain in the rear. You'd think people getting ready for the Super Bowl would be in better moods. People were rude. They were obnoxious. They were demanding. They handed me six thousand coupons for everything and wouldn't help bag. I spent the entire afternoon wishing I could Force-choke half my clientele. I did see Jessa on her way out. Dad and Jodie are inviting family over for the game tomorrow. I'll probably join them.

(And I was able to work on yet another Star Wars idea in my head. Heavens only knows when this one will come to fruition. It's the lawless 20's in Los Angeles. Luke is an orphaned newsboy who is aiming to become a great crime reporter. Leia is the adopted flapper daughter of a senator and a movie star looking to stamp out crime in the City of Angels. Ben Kenobi was a star reporter, but he stepped down when his old partner got involved in the very corruption he was writing about. Derek Veder, the corrupt owner and editor of the Los Angeles Daily Empire, catches Leia, but she's turned the plans with his criminal activities over to two perpetually bickering comic actors who are looking for a break. They in turn run into Luke and his mentor Ben. The quartet hire low-level rum-runners Han and Chewie to first get them to Leia's parents, and then when it's discovered they've been murdered, to rescue Leia from Veder's stronghold.)

Not all was horrible at work. We're having our second Open House weekend. This pretty much translates to "more samples." I tried the bakery's brownies (ooh, nice and yummy and chewy) and mini chocolate chip cookies, bacon, French bread slices with store-made salsa, the Italian organic soda again, and slices of deli roast beef. Picked up grapefruit (which I forgot yesterday), sugar (Domino's was on a really good sale), and a roll for a meatball sandwich for dinner after work.

When I got home, I put everything away, then worked on writing. Kathleen, now realizing what Lady Sylvia has done to her nephew, hurries home. She's too late. All the shutters and curtains have been torn down, allowing the last rays of the setting sun to transform Darren into his demon form. Smaller demons, sent by the Lady Sylvia, try to take him away and steal Kathleen's stories. She frees Darren, then helps him get rid of the demons. He's still worked up when they finish, though, and takes off. She follows him.

Finished out the night with a meatball sandwich with Colby cheese and escarole and the last of the frozen green beans. Ran Happily Ever After while I ate. The last project of TV animation studio Filmation was this odd sequel to Snow White. Snow White is attacked by the evil Lord Maliss, the Queen's brother. The Prince is kidnapped, but she flees. Looking for the Seven Dwarves, she instead finds the Dwarfelles, who control nature, and Mother Nature herself. The unlikely group goes in search of Maliss, helped along the way by a strange little man who seems to have a connection to Snow White. An interesting plot, stronger Snow White than usual for this fairy tale, the funny Dwarfelles, and fairly frightening villain make up for so-so animation, useless comic relief animals, and lousy songs.

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