Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Things We Fear In the Dark

Had a quick start this morning with the last episode on the Sailor Moon set. Usagi gets upset with Chibi-Usa over the little girl wetting her bed. Lonely for her family and wanting desperately to get to her home in the future, Chibi-Usa runs away. Usagi, Mamoru, and the other girls go after her...only to find the evil group of sisters who have been hounding them is after her, too.

(That was the last episode on the set. I'll keep looking around for Season 2, Part 2, but I have the feeling that one may have to wait for April and my birthday.)

Work was...actually pretty dead for a lot of the day. It was windy, but sunny and in the mid-30's, perfectly normal for this time of year. Unfortunately, the customers I did have were often obnoxious and rude. One young woman fussed and fussed because she thought that the frozen cheesesteak meat she bought was the lower price. I gave it to her to get the line moving and because the sign was under the boxes. Turns out, no, the boxes were in the wrong place, and they came up the right price originally. Of course, the manager fussed at ME because I went to check the price instead of calling her to do it. Why don't they put the darn boxes where they belong, so this stuff won't happen? The young woman gave me a hard time about bottles of Tostitos cheese dip too, but I was able to circumvent that one. The prices for both the dips and the chips are on shelves, away from the chips. People mistake the chip prices for dip prices all the time. I was sooo happy when my relief was right on time. I was able to buy milk and hurry home as fast as I could.

I spent the rest of the afternoon writing and trying to get the bad taste of work out of my mouth. Luke is discussing his training with Ben with Han Solowolf, a trader and smuggler who sometimes brings exotic fruits and spices to Aldran Castle. He'll occasionally let Luke, who excels with horses, care for his beloved shaggy steed Chewbacca. Luke admires the cocky, self-assured gypsy thief to a degree, but he knows Han thinks Ben's talk of powers and knight training is nonsense. You'd be better off learning to shoot a longbow and arrow than learn some silly ancient religion, Han insists.

Had leftovers for dinner, then made the delicious gingerbread recipe from Samantha's Cooking Studio while watching Nocturna. This Japanese fantasy-adventure brings Tim, a young orphan who is afraid of the dark, to the title land. He found a star one night...but it seems to have vanished. The gruff cat shepherd and his flock take him to the title world, where strange beings work to create everything from dreams to bed-head. The head of the land sends him on a mission to find the Star Keeper and make sure the stars don't go out. With the help of a group of firefly-like creatures who act as cops in Nocturna and the cat shepherd, Tim learns that the only darkness we really have to fear is the darkness in ourselves.

Charming, strange little animated tale, kind of a nighttime-themed Wizard of Oz. The subdued colors and soft artwork look like faded parchment pictures seen in the night, soft and soothing. I don't know how easy this is to find, but if you run into it, it's very much worth a look for fans of fantasy or Japanese animation.

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