Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guardians of the Rainy Day

I awoke late to a torrential downpour. My plans for hitting the laundromat and going out to the Haddon Township Library would have to wait. I began the day with breakfast and lots of Sailor Moon instead. The aliens Ann and Ali don't understand love. They think it has to be taken or stolen. Thanks to a day in detention, a Snow White play gone comically wrong, and the Guardians' attempts to befriend them, they discover that love is something that has to be nurtured, like their Macai Tree, not taken or abused. In the confusion of the last battle with the Tree. Mamoru finally regains his memories and reveals what the Moonlight Night was all about.

Rode out the storm making a collage. I do one per season to get rid of old catalogs and see where my head is at the moment. I had a lot leftover from as far back as November, so this took me a long while to do.

The rain finally ended around 2:30. It was too late to hit the library, but I did make it to the laundromat. The weather must have scared people off. It was nice and quiet. There was only one other person there - I gave her my extra quarter in change for two dimes and a nickel. (I always bring an extra quarter. Just in case.) I worked on story ideas and listened to talk shows and General Hospital. It rained a little while I was in there, but by the time my load was done, the rain had stopped, and the clouds were actually starting to break apart.

Headed home to put away my laundry and start my next story. Spirited, strong-willed Princess Leia is growing up in the peaceful Kingdom of Aldran, far from her controlling black magician of a father. Her kind aunt and uncle, who have mostly raised her, want to hold a ball to introduce her to the Court of the Alliance Kingdoms. Leia fully objects to the idea. She's not fond of parties, dressing up, showing herself off, or her aunt trying to gently nudge her into getting married. She'd rather be starting her work with the Court. Her aunt talks her into it - it's a tradition.

Returned to Sailor Moon during dinner. The second and more dramatic half of the R season introduces Chibi-Usa, a little girl with pink hair rather like Usagi's who suddenly falls out of the sky one day. She wants the Silver Crystal, and will do anything to get it. She doesn't get along well with Usagi at all. On top of that, Mamoru breaks up with Usagi, claiming he no longer loves her, and another, stronger energy-zapping enemy has appeared. The people of the Black Moon are looking for "crystal points" - areas which attract strong positive energy. They want to destroy them before they can effect the future world they've come from.

Since I had that last part of the bread I made a few weeks ago during the snow storm, I decided I'd have an all-baked dinner. Made Chicken Noodle Casserole with canned chicken, cream of chicken soup, frozen peas, fresh carrots, whole-wheat noodles, and bread crumbs. The remaining bread crumbs became part of the topping for a delicious Apple Brown Betty.

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Linda said...

I'd love to see one of your collages one day, Emma.