Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Cat, a Mouse, and Three Wizards In Training

The wind was still whistling across the bare black limbs of the trees when I woke up this morning. I did two episodes of Rick Steves Europe while I ate breakfast. Since the story I'm working on is set in mythical middle European countries, I thought a visit to Vienna and Saltzburg was appropriate. Vienna is the glittering capitol city, home of wiener schnitzel, massive palaces, and the waltz. Saltzburg was once the home of Mozart and was one of the filming locations for The Sound of Music.

I tried calling Camden County again while the shows were on. When I couldn't get through to them. I looked up a few things online. I can order my birth certificate, but it'll cost $14. I'll do it tomorrow, when I get my paycheck.

Ran a quick Tom & Jerry short while I got organized for work. "Johann Mouse" won an Oscar for best animated short subject in 1952. Tom and Jerry live in the home of Johann Strauss. Jerry only emerges from his hole when Strauss plays and he dances. When Strauss goes on a trip and there's no music, Tom takes it upon himself to learn how to play the waltz...and form a beautiful partnership that lasts as long as the music is playing.

Work was on-and-off steady all day. We'd have long lines, but they'd disappear pretty fast. I pretty much did everything - bagged, gathered carts and baskets, did the trash, shelved returns. I even took the register for another cashier when she went on break.

Unfortunately, while I was outside for one of my cart round-ups, I turned my ankle pretty hard. I don't think it's broken. I can walk on it. It's just sore. I went straight home after work, ignoring the chilly weather and gale-force winds.

When I got home, I changed, put my ankle on ice, and went straight on the computer to work on my story. Luke tells Leia his situation. Henry Solo, a shipping magnate, was once the notorious pirate Captain Han Solo, before he went straight. He's now Luke's guardian and one of his mentors. Leia swears she's seen Luke somewhere before, but she can't put her finger on where...

Broke at quarter after 7 for dinner. Did two more Tom & Jerry shorts while I ate. "The Two Musketeers" has Jerry and his own young apprentice as Musketeers fighting Cardinal's Guard Tom for all the cheese in a cheese shop. "Touche, Pussycat!" is a prequel to this, showing how Jerry's apprentice first came to the Musketeers.

Finished the night out with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azbekstan as I threw together a Hummingbird Cake. Harry's barely survived a harrowing trip on the Night Bus (after accidentally using his powers to blow up an obnoxious aunt) when he discovers that Sirius Black (Gary Oldman), the man who betrayed his parents, has escaped prison and is after him next. Dementors - wraith-like jailers who such the soul and happiness out of anyone they come in contact with - are guarding the school, trying to keep it safe from Black, but they also effect Harry badly. Meanwhile, Harry and Ron find themselves helping Hagrid defend a Hippogriff that was accused of hurting a student and wonder how Hermonie can find the time to be in so many different classes at once and why their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher keeps taking so much time off...

A less-bland director and sharper script makes all the difference here. Alfonso Curon worked wonders with the kids, turning this into one of the best entries in the series.

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