Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Winds of Winter

I didn't sleep well last night. I got off so late, I thought I'd try sleeping on the couch instead of climbing into bed and waking up Charlie. It didn't work. My couch is really a love seat. It's fine for when Lauren visits. She's barely five feet. I'm 5'4. I tried to get comfortable for a least an hour before I gave up and crawled into my bed.

It was late in the morning when I finally did roll out of bed. I ran two Pink Panther winter specials as I ate breakfast (well, really more like brunch). Olym-pinks has Pink competing in the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Games. He'd have a lot more fun if a rival didn't try to best him at every turn...and if he didn't get occasionally chased by a piano. Pink at First Sight is his Valentine's Day show. Pink takes a job as a delivery boy in order to earn money for Valentine's candy and flowers. He spends most of the day dodging jealous husbands, angry gangsters, and upset fathers.

Continued on to a couple of Pink shorts as I took the Valentine's decorations down. (The general winter decorations will stay up for another couple of weeks to a month, until we get closer to spring and St. Patrick's Day.) Pink is "The Scarlet Pink-ernel," a caped hero who rescues dogs from pounds. Or tries to, anyway. He keeps getting chased or locked up with them. He's "The Pink of Arabee" when his vacation in Arabia gets complicated by a flight on a magic carpet.

Dashed off to do the laundry around 1:30 - quarter of 2. I'm glad I got there when I did. Barely 20 minutes after I arrived, the place was crawling with families and elderly people getting their clothes done. Thankfully, I didn't really have that much to do, anyway. I was in and out in less than an hour.

When I got home, I put my clothes away, then ate lunch really quick while listening to my Bon Jovi Greatest Hits CD. Moved on to work on my story. Leia and the Organas finally arrive at the Takodana Inn. The ancient castle-like inn is owned by the salty and equally ancient Maz Kantana, who recognizes Bail on sight. She's an old friend of his. She also recognizes Leia, insisting that her eyes are familiar.

Another old friend of Bail's is waiting for them. Sir Benjamin Kenton was once a member of the Jedi Guards, who policed the kingdom. He retired when the group was disbanded and is now the manager for a wealthy businessman. The man's ward, Luke Walker, is also with him. Luke is an eager youth with a sunny smile and a sweet disposition. Leia likes him on first meeting and wonders why she feels like she knows him...

Broke for dinner around quarter after 7. Started DuBarry Was a Lady while I ate. Louie, a hat-check boy at a popular nightclub (Red Skelton), has a huge crush on singer  May Daly (Lucile Ball). Trouble is, so does the nightclub's head dancer and songwriter Alex (Gene Kelly) and a rich customer (Douglass Dumbrille). May is determined to marry for money, despite being in love with Alex. When Louie wins the Irish sweepstakes, he uses the money to essentially buy May's favors. A mistake with a drugged drink leaves him dreaming that he's King Louie of France, May is the infamous mistress DuBarry, Alex is the revolutionary she loves, and the customer is a scheming count. Louie finally learns that money can't buy love or happiness - sometimes, you really can be happy with nothing.

Hit the shower, then finished the night with another swashbuckler from the 40's featuring a popular comedian. Bob Hope made his only film for famous independent producer Samuel Goldwyn in 1946, The Princess and the Pirate. Hope is Sylvester the Great, a terrible actor playing the circuit in the South Seas. He and the lovely Margaret (Virginia Mayo) flee when their ship is attacked by the Hook. They come aground at a very violent pirate town and run afoul of the sleazy mayor (Walter Sleazak). Turns out that Margaret is a princess, and Sylvester is hiding a treasure map for a crazy old tattoo artist (Walter Brennan) who works with the pirates. Now Sylvester has to make sure the pirates don't get the princess, the map, or his hide!


Linda said...

I don't get why your going to bed bothers Charlie. Does it have a very loud squeak in the box spring or something? Do you have nightmares and yell in your sleep? If you aren't bouncing on the bed, declaiming poetry in a loud voice in the middle of the night, or playing loud music, I'd say what's keeping him up is his own problem. If the floor squeaks or something like that, HE needs to fix it.

Emma said...

I move around a lot in my sleep and before I got to sleep. It's an old habit. I think that's what has him upset. :">

Linda said...

If he's hearing you turn over in bed he needs to put more nails in the floor to get rid of the squeaks. You can try to muffle your footfalls, but he shouldn't hear you being restless in bed unless the floor needs some work!