Sunday, February 26, 2017

Musical Winds

I got a quick start today with Banana Pancakes and music. I didn't have much of a chance to enjoy either. Got up so late, I'd just barely finished the pancakes and cleaning up after them before I had to rush out the door. (And I forgot to scrape off a burner that got batter on it - had to scrub that when I got home.)

Work was a pain. We were busy for most of the afternoon, despite a day that had turned seasonably chilly and blustery. I rounded up carts on and off, did bagging, and gathered baskets once...but I ended up in the registers more often than I would have liked. And the afternoon manager got on my nerves by insisting on staying with me and bagging the whole time, probably afraid I'd have a breakdown. Thank you, I'm an adult. Just because I hate checking (and am technically a bagger) doesn't mean I need someone holding my hand. The fact that it was much chillier and windier (and closer to normal February temperatures) than it has been didn't help.

Bought eggs (they're on sale for 99 cents this week, and I needed to make change), the dodged the wind and headed home. Spent the next few hours working on writing. Baron Vader brings in his troops to capture the Crimson Hawk and the Golden Eagle, just as someone gives Leia a message to meet them after the party. When the Hawk and the Eagle leap onto a high window, Leia does what she can to help them make good their escape.

Jodie called me while I was writing. They were having spaghetti, did I want to come over? Sure, why not. I thought they were picking me up, but I never saw them. I rode over to their house, ignoring the wind. Jodie had a big pot of spaghetti and home-made tomato sauce with hot sausage and meatballs and fresh Parmesan cheese, with creme brule from Desserts by Design afterwards. I ate it with her, Dad, and Dana while watching The Girl on the Train and The Hunt for Red October. (And Jodie said she's going to call the doctor this week.)

Rose called while I was heading out. She and Jodie were talking baby shower gifts. I don't know how she managed this, but she apparently lost her blender. She can find the top, but not the rest of it. I nearly fell over laughing. Only Rose would do something like that.

When I got home, I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies while listening to favorite musical soundtracks and albums. The 1983 Annie has a great cast belting out some nifty songs, both from the original show and written for the film. For my money, this is worth hearing for Carol Burnett and Albert Finney going at each other in "Sign!"

Little Mary Sunshine is a 1959 off-Broadway spoof of operetta and early 20th century musical conventions featuring Eileen Brennan in one of her earliest roles as the title character, the owner of a hotel in Colorado. A group of Forest Rangers who are seeking a villainous Indian fall in love with the young finishing school ladies who are also staying there. While Mary's songs, including "Look for a Sky of Blue," are cute, my favorite numbers are the ones for the second couple, one of the younger Rangers and Mary's maid Nancy. "Mata Hari" is a great dance number for Nancy and the girls, and Nancy and her swain get the show's best number, the adorable "Once In a Blue Moon."

(Oh, and the Oscars were tonight. The musical La La Land did very well. I'm always glad to see a musical win anything, and this one's been getting some phenomenal reviews. Zootopia won a deserved Best Animated Film Oscar as well.)

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