Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Sister's Birthday

The day did not begin well. First of all, it was raining hard when I awoke. Second, I got going later than I wanted to. Third, just as I was about to get dressed for work, Charlie turned up on my doorstep, complaining about my being noisy late at night again. He said he'll blast his TV at 8 AM until I stop. Ok, first of all, that's just silly. Second, if I make noise, I don't mean it. I try not to, but I tend to move around a lot when I sleep. He's not exactly one to talk. I've spent the past two and a half years listening to his power tools in the morning and his loud TV and him cursing at his dogs because they dared to make a mess. Third, yes, the TV was loud this morning, but the joke was on him. I had to get up at 8 AM for work anyway.

I was not in the best mood when I did make it to work. Spending three hours on and off rounding up carts in a heavy shower didn't make me feel better. We were crazy today, with long lines down the aisles. My gloves got so soaked, they're still drying.

Thankfully, by the time I did make it home, the rain had ended. It was damp and chilly, but not as bad. I spent the next few hours working on writing and looking for ideas on Pinterest. I got a short start on my swashbuckler. Leia Organa and her Aunt Breha and Uncle Bail are on their way to the home of Mon Mothma, having been driven out of their original home in Alderaan by the Naboo Empire and its wicked dictator Palpatine. Breha's not thrilled with stopping at a slightly disreputable inn for the night, but it's the only place for miles.

Finally broke around 5:30 to head to Dad and Jodie's. I saw them at the Acme yesterday. They invited me over to their house for Jessa's birthday party. She wanted tacos for dinner, so tacos she got. That was fine by me. I had three soft tacos, and one hard one. There were quite a few folks celebrating with us. Along with Jodie, Dad, Joe, and Jess, I saw Rose, Khai (Craig had to work), Mark, Vanessa, Dana, and Jesse. We had Carvel ice cream cake and fruit tarts and petit fours from Desserts by Design for the birthday cake. Along with gift cards and money, Jessa got a red silicone muffin pan and two books on being Chinese and Chinese children. (Jess was adopted from China when she was a toddler.) It was raining earlier, but that seems to have stopped. It does sound like it's still really windy. It could have been worse, actually. Lauren said she got snow all day and was still getting it at press time.


Boots Meow said...

Seems to me like "Charlie" is nit picking, being spiteful by blasting tv, how juvenile, and raising rent to try to get you to move, be wary of him, and keep a log of dates and times he comes to confront you about your "noise" and about how he told you he will continue to blast his tv at 8 in morning. When he finds out that he is only allowed to raise your rent by 50 dollars instead of 100 dollars, I am sure he will be livid and try and do anything in his power to get you to move out. There is something not right about him. Be careful and if and when his harassment continues, you need to file report with police, just to have on record, just in case.

Emma said...

Yeah, the TV thing is silly. Thankfully, he hasn't done it again (mainly because I think he's been out of the house before 8). Actually, he only lives here. His mother is the one raising the rent by 100. I kind of get the idea this is the first time they've had renters, and they probably know nothing about dealing with them. His parents have been good to me, and he's done his share gratefully...but I think he's got a lot of problems that I really don't want to or should have to deal with. I will keep an eye on him.