Saturday, February 11, 2017

All For One and One for Fun

Got a quick start to a nice, sunny day with some Sailor Moon. I felt like I needed to see women kicking rear. In a later first season episode, A popular young artist asks Mamoru and Usagi to model for one of her fantasy-oriented paintings. Usagi's thrilled; Mamoru, less so. Turns out the artist is a sweet but plain lass who hides the real her behind her fantastic artwork. Usagi tries to encourage her to come out of her shell...until Zoycite of the Negaverse shows up and turns her into a monster.

Work was steady all day. I helped round up carts for about an hour after I arrived. Otherwise, I was mostly bagging or returning cold items. Helped one of the managers clean up the mess the huge pots of Valentine's Day flowers made around the front of the organic aisle.

My schedule for next week is...more or less the same as this week, with slightly later hours on Thursday. Otherwise, all 10 and 11 start days, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday off again. No counseling this time, and the weather looks like it's going to be pretty decent. I should be able to fit in most, if not all, of what I have planned.

I had a ton of groceries to buy. There was a lot I needed to restock or stock up on - cream of mushroom soup, flour, brown and powdered sugar, mandarin oranges, cooking oil (got the Crisco blend), skim milk, dryer sheets, frozen green beans and peas, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. The oranges weren't on sale again, so I got pink grapefruit this time, along with bananas and apples.

When I got home, I continued Sailor Moon while putting everything away and getting organized. The next episode brings Mamoru's best friend Motoki in. Most of the girls have huge crushes on him, including Makoto and Usagi. They're both devastated when they learn that Motoki has a steady girlfriend, Reika...but she just got a fellowship in Africa and may be leaving. While they try to win his favor, Zoycite discovers that Reika may be the next Rainbow Crystal carrier.

Worked on writing after I got everything put away. Ben teaches Luke and Leia a little about the Force while Harry makes repairs and refills the Falcon's engines in Duluth. He asks Luke and Leia to open a rusty gate using their minds. They're able to open it a little bit each...but to their surprise, despite his protests that he doesn't believe in the Force, Harry's able to open it the rest of the way.

And...I'm going to stop here again. I want to see Rogue One before I go any further. I want to use the characters from that as the Underground that helps them out in Coruscant. I'll probably resume this when Rogue One comes out on DVD, likely in early April. I think I might start that Scarlet Pimpernel-esque swashbuckler instead. I'd like to stay out of the fairy tales for a while.

Ran an episode of Good Eats while I had a quick dinner of leftovers. Alton Brown creates chiffon cupcakes, both in and out of real cups, that are less fussy than similar ones from a bakery, and equally easy to make. We also get a buttercream frosting (with eggs).

Hit the shower quick, then went online. Did the 1993 Three Musketeers when I got out. This comic adaptation of the beloved Alexandre Dumas Sr. novel has young D'Arangan (Chris O'Donnell) arriving in Paris to join the Musketeers, only to discover that they've been disbanded. Only Athos (Kiefer Sutherland), Aramis (Charlie Sheen), and Porthos (Oliver Platt) have remained loyal to the king. The youth discovers a foul plot by the evil Cardinal Richeleu (Tim Curry) to murder the king on his birthday. The quartet ride to Calais to stop the Lady DeWinter (Rebecca DeMorney) from bringing a treaty that could allow England to invade across the Channel. This is an old family favorite. Not the most accurate to the book or the time period, but definitely one of the most fun.

The Corsican Brothers is another Dumas adaptation, this one from 1941. Two brothers of noble birth (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) are separated after their parents are killed. One becomes a bandit; the other, a rich dandy. They meet and become bandits together, fighting as one to regain their lands...until they both fall for the same woman (Ruth Warrick). The dandy wants to rescue her from marrying the man who killed their parents (Akim Tamiroff), but is captured. Will his brother be able to mend the bond between them in time to rescue him? Wonderful hokum, with an amazing performance by Fairbanks - you'll really believe he's two different men who share a bond.

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