Sunday, February 05, 2017

Battle In the Lone Star State

Began the morning with work. Work was as crazy as you might expect on Super Bowl Sunday. It's the beginning of the month, too, and we're generally busy on Sunday regardless of what's going on. I spent the first half of my shift cleaning the bathroom and bagging, and the second half rounding up carts.

I was originally going to make whipped topping for my Sprite Cake, but finally decided I'd make buttercream with what I already had at home instead. Just ended up going straight home. It wasn't the nicest day for lingering, anyway, cloudy, windy, and cold.

When I got in, I went right on the computer. Worked on the story for a little while. After Leia finishes her story, the other girls tell theirs. Rey regails them with tales of the ghosts in the Tower of London. Jess relates a ghost story from her family's native Philippines. Kaydel tells them about another ghost, this one the spirit of a former Ziegfeld showgirl who now lives in the New Amsterdam Theater.

Leia's just getting the girls down to bed when they start hearing scary noises and seeing strange creatures outside. They're freaked out. Leia isn't convinced, but she agrees to take them outside to look anyway...

Put on one of my 70's Have a Nice Day! CDs while making Lemon-Lime Buttercream Icing for my Sprite Cake. I took a standard buttercream frosting recipe and replaced the vanilla with lemon extract and lime juice. I had just enough powdered sugar left to make icing to cover the cake. Headed out around quarter after 6 for Dad's.

While they did have some people over, it wasn't as huge as last year. Jodie had beef stew and chili for dinner (I had the latter), along with buffalo chicken dip, Mexican cheese dip, French bread, Tostitos lime chips, and shrimp cocktail. Along with Dad and Jodie, I saw Rose and her boys, Mark and Vanessa, and Joe and Jessa.

The game looked like it was going to be a blow-out at first. The Falcons dominated the first half. Tom Brady threw some really terrible passes, and the Patriots couldn't hold on to the ball or dodge the Falcons' running game. It was 21-9 at half-time. After enjoying the Lady Gaga half-time show (I like her "Poker Face"), I headed out.

Ended up listening to the rest of the game at home. I'm glad I didn't stick around. The Patriots took over the second half, finally tying it by the end for the first overtime game in Super Bowl history. Unfortunatly, the Falcons couldn't hang on, and the Patriots finally won, 34-28.

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