Monday, February 13, 2017

Duel In the Wind

Began a slightly cloudy morning with Buttermilk Pancakes and an episode of Perfect Strangers. Balki and Larry become Chicago's least-likely swashbucklers in "Family Feud" from the 6th season. Balki is required to fight a duel with an old family enemy. Larry thinks the whole thing is ridiculous and tries to call him on it...but when he inadvertently insults the man, he ends up being the one who has to fight. Larry's no fighter, and he tries every way he can think of to get out of it. It ends up being Balki who saves the day and brings an end to the feud.

Did two action-oriented Mickey Mouse shorts from the early 30's while getting ready for work. "Shanghaied" is one of my personal favorite Mickey/Minnie cartoons. Mickey and Minnie have been captured by modern pirate Pete at sea. Mickey has to fight Pete (with a fish) in order to free both of them.

"Mickey In Arabia" takes us to a very stereotypical version of the Middle East. Mickey and Minnie are having fun being tourists, until once again, Pete interferes. This time, he's a Bedouin who makes off with Minnie. Mickey has to deal with a drunk camel on his way to a rescue.

Work was...well, it was really kind of boring. I rounded up carts once, shortly after I arrived. Otherwise, I was inside all day, cleaning the bathrooms, doing returns, gathering baskets, and bagging. Maybe it's just as well. It was sunny by late morning, but chilly and gale-force windy. The carts blew in every direction. They weren't easy to control.

When I got home, I worked on writing for a while. Leia and her aunt and uncle are attacked by bandits on the road. They're lead by the legendary Crimson Hawk and his young sidekick the Golden Eagle. The Hawk at first insists on stealing their money and carriage...until Bail tells them they're refugees from the recently-invaded Alderaan. The Hawk settles for taking some money for the people of Naboo and flirting with a none-too-happy Leia.

Broke for leftover chicken legs with honey-glazed carrots and grapefruit for dinner around 7:30. Watched Sailor Moon Super S: Black Dream Hole while I ate. The Guardians are enjoying their Valentine's Day preparations when they get reports of children mysteriously vanishing around the globe. An evil witch is kidnapping children and taking their dream energy to create a black hole large enough to swallow the Earth. Chibi-Usa may have enough energy for her to complete it, if Sailor Moon, the other Guardians, and a young dream fairy can't get to her first.

Took a quick shower, then finished the night with The Mark of Zorro. Fairly typical Zorro tale from 1940, featuring Tyrone Power as the Masked Avenger of old California. Don Diego comes home to Southern California, to find it take over by a new, ruthless leader...but it's really ruled by an ambitious general (Basil Rathbone). He masquerades as a dandy while secretly aiding the people as the black-clad vigilante. When the governor decides to marry his daughter off to Diego, he brings her in on the secret. But they both may have everything to lose when Diego's friend the padre is captured and Diego is caught...

Classic tale of derring-do in the Southwest, with an especially dashing Power. Look for the brief but nifty Power-Rathbone duel in the end.

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