Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ice Cream In Winter

I heard the alarm at 8 AM, closed my eyes for five minutes...and when I opened them, it was 10 after 9. Not good. I had work at 10. I hurried and scurried, eating, dressing, and getting organized as quickly as possible.

Ran an episode of the original late-80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon while I ate. Shredder acquires "The Ninja Sword to Nowhere" when the boys try to buy it for Splinter. Turns out the sword can cut through time and space, allowing its owner to travel back and forth through dimensions. When Shredder traps Splinter between dimensions, he tries to use the sword to force the Turtles to surrender to him.

Work was very busy early on. This is a holiday weekend, and it was a gorgeous day to boot. I'm actually glad I was outside rounding up carts almost the entire time. It was too sunny to be inside, especially after I spent most of yesterday in front of a computer. It was in the lower 60's, windy but not as much as earlier in the week. It did start to slow down a little by 3, by which time I had at least two other baggers outside with me.

My schedule is...exactly the same as last week, right down to the hours and the days off. Fine by me. I'm thinking I could use at least one other day to rest and get things done at home, probably Tuesday. I may see if I can get my driver's license and if my foot is up to a short trip to the Market Place by Friday.

It's a good thing it did slow down by 3. I had a lot of shopping to do. The clearance shelves were back, and this time, they were lined with many light bulb variations. I've been meaning to get some new round button lights for the inside of the closets. Both of the old ones are long dead. Found Crest toothpaste on clearance as well. Restocked grapefruit, apples, bananas, spinach, whole wheat flour, ground turkey, 2% evaporated milk, tomato sauce and paste, canned pineapple, cake mix, and Oatmeal Squares. (Quaker cereal is still on that huge Re-Opening sale, even though the re-opening was weeks ago.)

It was such a nice day, I decided I deserved a treat. I've always wanted to try Sonic's milkshakes. It was too early for dinner, but too nice of a day to not enjoy their patio. I ordered a simple small pineapple milkshake. It was tasty, with maybe a few too many chunky pineapple pieces (they kept getting caught in the straw). Not surprisingly, since it was 4 PM and still between meals for most people, the patio was empty. I saw a few people in cars and one girl who kept hemming and hawing over what to choose, even after she started her order.

Headed home next. I changed and did a few things around the house, including putting away the groceries. Ran another Turtles episode involving swordplay as I got organized. A bump on the head has Leonardo thinking he and his brothers are "The Four Musketeturtles," April is the queen, and Shredder is the wicked Cardinal. His antics get in the way of the boys trying to rescue Irma, who found a priceless gem that Shredder's after.

Worked on my story and my Pinterest for a while next. Maz and Ben finish their conversation by the woodpile. Does Han know about Luke's history, she asks him. Yes, to a degree, Ben explains. He knows what Luke is, but not who his parents are. Ben isn't sure Han is entirely trustworthy, due to his shady past and associations with people like the grotesque crime lord Jenkins Huttman.

They take Mon Mothma's yacht across the river to Coruscant. Luke tells Leia about Mon Mothma's huge estate by the river. They're lucky they can hold onto their estate. Vader has raised taxes again, to the point where half the country is starving. Leia's incensed and wants to do something about it. Luke does, too, but Han isn't interested and would rather the boy concentrated on business.

Finished the night with a variation on "Kit's Cincinatti Chili" from Kit's Cooking Studio. I replaced the ground beef with ground turkey and added a bit of home-made chicken broth and chopped two stalks of celery. Mom always added celery to our chili when I was a kid. Yumm. Came out very rich and flavorful.

Did another Bob Hope swashbuckling spoof while I ate and after I took a shower. Casanova's Big Night has Hope as Peepo the tailor's assistant. He finds himself impersonating the Great Lover (Vincent Price) when he runs out on his bills, including that of the beautiful grocery woman (Joan Fontaine). If he can get a certain petticoat from a young woman engaged to be married, he'll be given 10,000 ducats, more than enough to cover their debits. Not only does Peebo end up liking the girl and admiring her devotion to her lover, but he uncovers a plot by the evil Doge (Douglass Dumbrille) to take over Venice! It'll take all of Peebo's skills, as a lover and a tailor, to avoid detection and help the young lady get her petticoat back.

Less swashbuckling and more comedy than The Princess and the Pirate, including a hilarious scene where Hope has to fight a duel, and another in the end when he and Fontaine end up in drag. Otherwise, if you're a fan of Hope's brand of humor or action spoofs, you may enjoy this one as well.

Oh, and it turns out there's a few local conventions that might be of interest. The big one is a sci-fi convention in the fall, Philcon. A smaller one next month for toy collectors may be better for my level of socializing and my wallet. I'll see if I can get the day off.

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