Monday, February 06, 2017

Comic Book Heroes and Heroines

Got a quick start today with Gingerbread Pancakes and Sailor Moon. In an episode from the later first season, the girls are all enamored with a popular pair of gold-medal figure skaters. They're elated when a new skating rink offers lessons with them. Turns out the only one who's any good is the very athletic Makoto. Her natural ability catches the eye of the male skater...which doesn't delight his partner. Makoto may feel like an ice princess, but the fun melts quickly when it turns out the Negaverse might be involved.

Work was so quiet this morning when I arrived, I had very little to do. They didn't even need me to round up carts. By 1 PM, the crowds emerged...and with them came a problem. Once again, we didn't have enough cashiers. The lines got long, even though the store itself wasn't that busy. I ended up spending most of the second half of my shift panicking in a register.

Went straight home after I got in. After I finally took my overflowing recycling bin out, I finished The Resistance Kids Go Camping. Leia takes the girls outside, in search of whatever it is that's making the noise. They at first think they see a real deer-man and the mad scientist who butchered him...until Rey sees the seams in their costume. Turns out it's Han, Poe, Snap, and Finn in a fuzzy suit, deer mask, and red-spattered white coat. The boys were disappointed they couldn't go, so Han took them on their own adventure in an RV. Han knew about the urban legend and how much Leia liked it, so he and the boys thought they'd play a little prank.

This is the last of the backlogged short stories from the summer and fall. I'm more than likely going to finish the 30's adventure story next, then either do The Snow Queen or the swashbuckler. I want to concentrate on Original and Sequel Trilogy-based stories until publicity for The Last Jedi starts and we learn more about it.

The Resistance Kids Go Camping at Archive of Our Own
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The Resistance Kids Go Camping at My Writing Blog

Watched an episode of Get Smart that also involved some pretty interesting scares while eating leftovers for dinner. Max and 99 find themselves on the run from a hunter who thinks they're his prey in "Island of the Darned" from the second season. They have to dodge his bullets, dogs, and poison darts using only a knife and their wits (such as they are).

Finished out the evening with a sleeker 30's style adventure. The Rocketeer takes us to California in the late 30's. Down-on-his-luck pilot Cliff (Bill Campbell) finds a jet pack that allows him to appear as The Rocketeer, flying pulp fiction hero. Turns out the jet pack means a lot more to people than as a means to rescue people and impress crowds. Howard Hughes, who built it, wants it back. The Nazis are after it, too, as are a group of ruthless gangsters (lead by Paul Sorvino). Cliff just wants his girlfriend Jenny (Jennifer Connolly) to notice him and get her mind off her job as an extra in the newest movie featuring action star Neville Sinclair (Timothy Dalton). Sinclair, however, isn't what he seems...and when Jenny is kidnapped, the Rocketeer has to blaze into action one more time.

I'm so glad this one has picked up a cult following. It's become a favorite of mine. It's just so much fun. No wonder director Joe Johnson would go on to helm Captain America: The First Avenger. If you love old-fashioned action and adventure or pulp fiction, this is a personal favorite of mine and is very highly recommended.

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