Monday, May 28, 2007

Pleasant Memorial Day Monday

I ended up having a very nice day, despite having to work in the morning. I honored our fighing men by watching all of the military-related Donald Duck cartoons on the Chronological Donald, Vol. 2 Walt Disney Treasures set, including the Oscar-winning "Der Fuherer's Face" and the rare and very politically incorrect "Commando Duck." Later in the day, I listened to my CD copy of the 1960 studio cast album for "On the Town" that features Nancy Walker, Betty Comden, and Adolph Green, along with my CD of the 1971 "No No Nanette" revival.

Work was fast and very, VERY busy! We had lines literally going halfway down the frozen food eisle at one point! Maybe the newspapers were wrong about people flocking to the Jersey Shore despite high gas prices...

I came home and rested while watching the rest of the Donald cartoons, then went outside. I threw the Frisbee around in the park again, and I still felt full of pent-up energy afterwards, so I swept my porch. Dinner was pan-cooked chicken drumsticks without the skin and barbecue sauce, a rather tough piece of corn on the cob, and Spiced Beets, a recipe I got out of the "Live Longer Cookbook." The beets came from the farm market and were as fresh as you can get, and were they ever messy to slice! My hands are still a little pink. They came out really well, though. I've never had beets before, but I'm open to trying new veggies and fruits if I can find an interesting recipe for them.

I finished off the day with a short walk to Leo's Yum Yums, a popular ice cream shop on West Clinton Avenue, a few blocks from me. I bought a medium cherry-vanilla water ice. The cherry was pretty good, but the vanilla was a tad bland.

The late-day excursion reminded me of the summer evening walks I took with Mom, Keefe, and the girls when I was about 13 or 14, Keefe was still in a stroller, and we were living on the border of Cape May and West Cape May. We'd walk down to the beach after dinner, around 7 or 8PM, and would run around and laugh and draw things in the sand. Afterwards, we'd stop at one of the ice cream parlors on the Washington Street Mall for a special treat. That was so much fun. I kind of missed it when we moved to North Cape May a few years later.

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