Thursday, May 31, 2007

When Things Go Wrong

I had a very bad day today. I got called into the Acme. This should have been a very good thing, given my bad hours this week, right? I know. I shouldn't complain. I should be happy I have a job at all and am working and making money, and that should be what matters, right? It shouldn't matter how I feel about the job, as long as I'm doing a job and am working and can afford a roof over my head and food, right? After all, who really likes their job?

I hate the Acme job.

I had planned to finally dust and scrub the bathroom and hall floors this afternoon, but the Acme only gave me 21 hours this week. I literally could not afford to turn down hours. Besides, I turned down hours the last time they asked; I don't want to sound unreliable.

The Acme was a pain when it wasn't dead. My very last customers threw a fit because two of the four 12-packs of soda they'd picked up weren't part of a specific sale. They failed to read the fine print and accused US of doing something illegal! I got so upset. This was the third time today (and at least the sixth time this week) I'd had problems with this sale. No one reads the fine print on the stupid coupon; they just assume all of the soda flavors are part of the sale, instead of actually looking. The people left in an angry huff, and I left in tears.

I can't stand people being angry. I don't want people around me angry. I want them to be happy because I made them happy, to be pleased with my performance. I do care about making people happy. If they aren't happy and complain, they could make other people angry at me.

I know it was the store's fault and not mine...but they were so angry when they left. I'm afraid of angry people. Angry people hurt other people.

Lauren's going away for two days and wasn't up to writing tonight; we're going to have to put writing our Monkee stories on hold until at least Monday, for all two of the people who care (Tina, you're one, I know). I haven't been able to get to talk to Rose, either, and I'm afraid if I vent to Mom, we'll just end up arguing.

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