Monday, May 07, 2007

Good Thing Going

Yay! According to my sister Rose's scale, I finally lost two pounds! At the very least, it means this whole Weight Watchers thing isn't a lost cause.

Rose and I went to the massive Cherry Hill Mall to go shopping today. Rose and Mom have long harped on my clothes. I don't match well; I don't wear the right colors for my skin and hair tone; I don't take time to buy clothes that fit; I wear thrift-shop clothes that are out-of-date (but soooo much cheaper).

I hate clothes shopping. I hate trying on clothes. I want to look nice, but not fussy or trashy. (My chest is big enough without calling attention to it.) It doesn't help that current styles are not exactly in tune to my body shape, either. Fussy frilly straight skirts. Huge boot-leg pants slung uncomfortably below the hip. Smocking that only makes you look wider. Blouses with huge gaping collars and gathers at the chest that show off far more cleavage than anyone needs to show. Big, wild, psychadelic prints. Tiny tank tops. Ugh.

We tried Torrid, a designer shop that carries plus sizes, first. The boot-cut jeans fit all right. Rose said I actually looked good in the red swiss-dotted shirt with the gathers in the middle and the empire design, but it felt all wrong. Except for the colors; kudos to Torrid for seeming to base their entire spring line around cherry reds! (Red's been my favorite color since childhood.)

Old Navy proved a better fit. I ultimately picked up two good blouses in coral red and orange (the last time I was in an Old Navy, I got a similar styled blouse in yellow and turquoise) and a pair of brown shorts.

Rest of the day was much quieter. I went for a long walk through the park, up to the railroad tracks, and down Uncle Ken's street to West Clinton Avenue and up Manor to my apartment. Work was short (only four hours today) and though busy, not nearly as problematic as yesterday.

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