Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Do You Believe Your Eyes, Or Do You Believe the Forecast?

My bed felt so nice and warm this morning. I was afraid to get out of it. I didn't really want to. I knew there would be snow on the ground, and everyone would be freaking out. I read Anne of Green Gables in bed and did my journal, then finally went to look out the window.

There it was. Pure, clean, and white. One inch of snow. Not four inches. Not eight inches. Not a foot, two feet, or three hands and a leg. Barely one inch. And it was melting, even as I gazed outside. Clearly, someone goofed somewhere.

I shrugged, got dressed, and ate grits and a half of a grapefruit for breakfast. I ran the My Little Pony episodes all morning. I was disappointed to note that the Escape From Catrina here wasn't the original version, but the cut-down two-parter from My Little Pony and Friends. It was still nice to see it again, though, even in truncated form. As with the first special, Rescue From Midnight Castle, this is rather dark for 80's girl-oriented animation. Catrina is a nasty witch who uses the fuzzy Bushwoolies as slaves to make her witchweed potion, the source of her powers. When the Bushwoolies revolt, she tries to capture some of the ponies..and then goes after one of the babies wearing the Rainbow of Light and uses her to get to the others.

The other episodes of My Little Pony and Friends included weren't quite as scary as the special or as some of the shows in this series could be at times. The creative "The Revolt of Paradise Estates" has the Ponies' furniture turning on them when they use a magic paint. One of the babies (who comes to adore her baby buggy that can now sing to her) discovers the magician who gave them the paint and what he's after. "Flight to Cloud Castle" has three of the Pegasus ponies helping a young man who wants to rescue his sweetheart, who is under a sleeping spell, from a flying castle that keeps moving.

Ironically, my favorite episodes was a short, and one of only two episodes in this set with no villains. The Baby Ponies discover "A Little Bit of Magic" when Buttons the Unicorn says she'll send a ball rolling over the hill. They each imagine what they'll do with it. One hopes it'll teach her to fly; another wants to bring it to a magical world of games and toys. They eventually realize the ball never came...but they've had fun anyway imagining it. I've done this many times, and I usually enjoy it as much as the ponies do.

I cleaned the bathroom while the cartoons were on. It wasn't quite as bad as after the holidays, but I wanted to get it done while I had time. I don't like putting the bathroom and kitchen in particular off for long. They get disgusting.

Went online briefly to check and see how everyone else was fairing. The answer was...not happily. People were up in arms over a "snow emergency" that never came. Not only did the storm lose force, but most of it wound up hitting the New England coast. Even Lauren didn't get that much snow in Pittsfield (though she got more than we did). Businesses were losing money and kids were wasting a day home from school for no reason. Forecasters from Channel 6 Action News actually apologized for making such bad calls.

I hope everyone learned a good lesson today. This is why you shouldn't buy into hype, especially when you don't have all the facts. Use your own judgement, and don't do something just because the TV or computer said to.

There was even less snow on the ground when I went to work. In fact, other than some ice on the dead end part of Manor, the streets were totally clear. I rode to work normally and actually got in a little earlier than I have been lately.

I could have been indefinitely late. Everyone must have panicked yesterday and Sunday. We picked up slightly during the 4 to 6 rush hour, but were otherwise dead all night. A lot of people were fussing about the government and oh why did people let the Internet/TV tell them what to do? I wouldn't blame the devices - I'd blame the people running them. Otherwise, there were no problems. I spent most of the night standing around. My relief was on time, and I was in and out.

Oh, and I'm off to do my tax return! I got my W-2 today. It usually takes about 20 minutes to an hour to do my return. I have no dependents, own no property, and work one job. We'll see how much I come up with this year.

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Linda said...

I still don't know why people are angry about this. Weather prediction is not an exact science. Weather does what it wants. Last year when we had "Snowjam" here no one expected it to be as bad as it looked, with the result that thousands of people were trapped in their cars overnight, or took 18 hours to get 20 miles home because of the ice. If the weather bureau had simply said "Possibility of a bad storm," you could have had people go to work, kids go to school, and then had thousands trapped in cars and buses if the storm had hit as badly as originally predicted. People would still be complaining, and this time they'd have something to complain about. Blizzards are basically winter hurricanes, and they're nothing to fool around with. One person dead because the weatherman didn't err on the side of caution is one death too many. More caution is better than less caution.