Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's a Wet Night For Musicals

It was raining cats, dogs, and chickens when I got up this morning! There was no way I'd be able to ride to work. I called Dad as soon as I got dressed. I called Mom to find out more about Anny and Lilah's birth, but I got the answering machine. I figured they were either at Anny's house or the hospital. I squeezed in some 80s music and Peppermint Mocha Chip Pancakes for breakfast before Dad picked me up and we headed to work.

Surprisingly for a Sunday, work was steady but not overwhelmingly busy. First of all, it's a holiday weekend. Some folks may have headed towards the Shore or on a weekend trip before the weather got bad. Second, the weather may have scared people off. Third, it's the middle of a month that most people spend broke. I was in and out with no problems.

The rain had stopped by the time Dad drove me home. It started again shortly after I got in. I decided it was time to make my seasonal collage and put a dent in that big stack of holiday catalogs. Every time I have a bunch of catalogs I want to get rid of, I make a collage. I mainly took photos for this one from the big American Girl Christmas gift catalogs and the gift guides for L.L Bean and The Vermont Country Store.

Ran two very dissimilar cast albums as I worked on my collage. The 1971 film version of Cabaret cut a lot of songs and added two more (including "Maybe This Time") for the story of a singer (Liza Minellei) in 1930's Berlin and the nightclub she sings at, including the rather creepy announcer (Joel Gray). Minellei and Gray won Oscars as citizens of decadent Berlin between the wars, before the Nazis came in; director/choreographer Bob Fosse won Oscars as well.

State Fair debuted on Broadway in 1997. This tale of the adventures of the Frakes at the Iowa State Fair is mostly based after the 1945 movie, the only score Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote directly for the screen. To flesh out the score, we have the addition of one song from the 60s version ("More Than Just a Friend," now sung by all the farmers to their hogs), two songs cut from other Rodgers and Hammerstein shows, and four from the little-known Rodgers and Hammerstein shows Me & Juliet, Allegro and Pipe Dream. To be honest, despite the fun music, I can kind of understand why this show flopped. Though the performers did what they could with the material (including Andrea McArdle as Margie and Donna McKechnie as Emily, here changed to a dancer), it's something of a mish-mash. (It's probably better known today as the last show produced by the infamous David Merrick.) Cute if you love the film or are Rodgers and Hammerstein enthusiasts.

And I did finally get through to Rose this evening. She had just gotten home an hour before with Khai, who was napping. She'd gone down the night before when they called and told her Anny was in labor. She and Dad watched Skylar and Khai while J.J and Mom were at Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital with Anny. No one got in touch with me because they didn't think my ancient cell phone could accept text messages. It can...I'm just not very good at texting people back. I never could figure it out. I don't know why they couldn't have stepped outside and actually called me, but I doubt anyone was thinking too well at that point.

At any rate, Lilah is doing beautifully and so is Anny. Rose is hoping to go down there in about two weeks - I hope I can join them. I never did get anything from anyone in Cape May County for Christmas, not even a card. I haven't heard from Mom since Christmas Day.

And...ugh. The Patriots ended up mauling the Colts, 45-7. Like they need to go again? The Seahawks-Packers game was a lot more interesting. The Seahawks just barely won in overtime, 28-22. I wish them the best of luck - I really don't like the Patriots and hope the Seahawks run them as ragged as they did the Broncos last year.

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