Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hitchcock Movie

I slept in again and didn't get moving on today's errands until nearly 1:30. My first stop was Capitol Pizza for lunch. I wasn't that hungry, so I just had a slice of mushroom pizza and a can of Diet Pepsi while watching The Chew. They were making a turkey version of one of my favorite soups, Italian Wedding. Hmm. I was planning on making pasta fagioli for dinner. Escarole might be a nice addition.

Hit Rite Aid after lunch. I was hoping they'd have some large plastic bins or a hanging sweater organizer. Nope, nothing along that line at all. I did get some dollar sponges that the Acme's been out of for weeks.

Went right to the Haddon Township Library next. They were really busy, probably because it was past 2:30 at this point. The kids must have gotten out of school. There wasn't really much for me to do, at any rate. I shelved some DVDs, but there's still a lot I can't fit. I once again didn't take anything out - I still have plenty to watch at home.

Made two more stops after the library. CVS didn't have any of the organizing bins I was looking for, either. I'll try Bed, Bath, and Beyond on Saturday. I had more luck at the Westmont Acme. I bought escarole and Asiago cheese to add to my dinner tonight. I was mainly there for milk. The Blue Diamond almond milk was still on a pretty decent sale - bought Almond Coconut in the hope that it'll taste a little better. The lines were even longer than at Haddon Township. We're supposed to be getting rain and an inch or so of snow tomorrow. Everyone must have thought we'll be getting a lot more.

Went home via Newton Lake Park. It sprinkled a little as I rode across the park, but it wasn't anything major. Despite this and a relatively warm day (into the mid-40's), the park was totally empty. The lake looks like it's trying to defrost. The weather for the rest of the week should help. Daytime temperatures here are supposed to continue to be between the mid-30's and the mid-40's.

When I got in, I went right into organizing more shelves. I did the rock records under the dry sink and the shelves in my bedroom. I've been clearing out books as I've read them and decided if I wanted to keep them or not, so there's not a lot of I'm getting rid of there. I did remove a large plastic bag of stuffed animals. I'm trying to narrow down my collections to focus on some of my big interests - bears, Ever After High, Sailor Moon, American Girl. I do still like WebKinz, but I have a ton of them, on and offline. Also, I'm going to try not to collect any more toys that are only available through the secondary market. There will be no more Effanbee or Sailor Moon dolls (unless I find an Effanbee that I really, really like who is really, really unique, like my African-American cowgirl). I'm debating picking up the Elsa and Anna Animators' Collection Toddler dolls, but they're big girls, and I really don't have the room for them.

When I finished there, I made the pasta fagioli while watching High Anxiety. This Mel Brooks spoof from 1977 sends up Alfred Hitchcock's work and other famous thrillers. Dr. Richard H. Thorndyke (Brooks) finds himself working at the Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous, along with the tough Nurse Diesel (Cloris Leachman) and obnoxious Dr. Montague (Harvey Korman). With the help of Victoria Brisbane (Madeline Khan), the daughter of an industrialist kept prisoner at the Institute, he discovers Diesel and Montague's plot to get more money out of their wealthy clientele by keeping them there indefinitely. Fearing for their jobs, Montague and Diesel first frame Thorndyke, then send an assassin (Rudy Del Luca) to get rid of him. Victoria and Dr. Thorndyke have to dodge the assassin, get back to the Institute, and rescue her father...but to do all that, they'll have to cure Thorndyke's acute fear of heights first!

Definitely one of Brooks' stranger send-ups, especially The Birds sequence. There's a couple of very funny moments, including Khan and Brooks as a Russian couple at the airport, and the whole Psycho spoof with the bellboy (later director Barry Levinson!) who gets angry with Thorndyke after he pesters him over and over to bring him his newspaper. If you're a fan of spoofs or Brooks, this is no masterpiece but is worth seeing at least once.

Finished the night with a 4th season episode of Get Smart that also had fun with Hitchcock and thrillers. In "Greer Window," an injury leaves Max stuck at home while 99 works on a case across from their apartment building. As Max keeps an eye on her, they both discover a KAOS plot to smuggle blueprints out of the country.

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