Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow..."

First of all...I just got fabulous news on Facebook! My sister Anny had her daughter today. Lilah Mae is 7 pounds, 20 ounces. Her mother is doing fine, and her parents are as happy as can be.

Actually, that may have been the most exciting thing that happened all day. I started out another sunny but chilly morning with one of the two hour-long specials The Backyardigans did. "Tale of the Mighty Knights" is a spoof of rock operas. Uniqua and Tyrone are the title characters, who were assigned to watch an egg by King Pablo. They don't think this is going to be a very interesting job...until the egg actually starts running away! They, Grabbin' Goblin Austin, and Flighty Fairy Tasha chase the very "runny" egg from the forest to the frightening Dragon Mountain, where they discover just what makes that egg run.

I stopped at the McHugh's house next door as I was leaving. I heard Miss Willa talking to Charlie in his side of the apartment this morning. I was able to give her this month's rent. I also mentioned that Lauren's visiting in mid-June again and I'm hoping the house will be done by then. She says it should be...but when they do get to it, I'm going to have to clear out. They can't have me underfoot while they put up the new windows, toilet, porch, and cabinets. She offered to let me stay there. I could stay at Dad's too. I don't know what I'll do. The McHughs have more room and are next-door, but I do know Dad better. I'm not looking forward to having to take down all my things and then put them back up again. I wish all this remodeling wasn't so complicated.

Headed out for today's errands around noon. My first stop was the Oaklyn Library. I didn't make it there last week at all, and they had a little more to do than they have. The adult DVDs were a mess. Since when do TV show sets look like normal movies? The kids' section was a little better. It was even quieter than usual in there - just me, one person on the computer, the librarian, and CNN in the background.

Dodged the tail end of the lunch hour traffic and headed to Westmont Plaza next. I went into Tuesday Morning to look at their organizers. I want to buy a hanging organizer for sweaters, but I can't find one. They didn't have one, either. I need a large bin for winter scarves and hats, too. They did still have Briar and the two C.A Cupids hidden behind a ton of Monster High dolls. I grabbed one of the Cupids.

I had lunch at the Westmont Bagel Shop. I wasn't up for a huge lunch at 1:30. I just settled on a bacon-cheddar sandwich on French toast brioche bread with tomato slices and fries. They were pretty busy for lunch on a Saturday. A lot of office workers must have gotten off early. A college basketball game went on in the background. A quick stop at Dollar Tree revealed they didn't have the organizers I was looking for, or the sponges, either. I left with nothing.

It was nearly 2:30 by the time I made it to the Haddon Township Library. Once again, they had a ton of kids' movies to return. I couldn't close to get them all on the rack. There were S titles I didn't even bother shelving, because the shelves were so overloaded! I had more luck with the adult titles. I squeezed everything on, even the troublesome M and S movies. There were tons of CDs and audio books to shelve, too. I didn't take anything out this weekend. I still have lots of things to watch and listen to, not to mention I was going to do my next Haddon Township session on Tuesday.

I went straight home. Took Cupid out of the box as soon as I got in. C.A Cupid is a little different from most Ever After High characters. She's a literal and figurative "transfer" student from Monster High, having actually started out as a character in that line. To be honest, since she's a myth, rather than a horror icon or fantasy character, she's really kind of an oddity in both lines...but her doll is very pretty. Despite saying on the back of her box that she's a lousy shot, she still comes with her bow and quiver filled with arrows, as well as her wings. Her flippy pink hair was a mess coming out of the box. Brushing it reveals that she sheds too, though not quite as bad as Blondie and Briar. Needless to say, she's a Rebel who believes in following your heart, no matter what your story is.

I had no other plans for today, so I took advantage of the extra time to wash Blondie, Hunter, and Cupid's hair. Hunter had tons of goop in his short half-locks. It was nice and soft once I got it clean. Cupid and Blondie needed a little goop washed out, too. Cupid came out a bit frizzy, but I kind of like the look on her. I set Cupid up on her stand, aiming her bow and arrow.

After I finished with the dolls, I went in the tub and more-or-less did the same thing with myself. Ahhh. That felt really nice after the running around today. I read Happy at Home, browsed through cake decorating magazines, and listened to Big Band and jazz music.

I didn't have a lot of time for a really big dinner when I got out of the bath. I made scrambled eggs with potatoes, broccoli, and cheese while listening to the cast album for Legally Blonde: The Musical. I found this CD at the Goodwill in Bellmawr back in September and completely forgot I had it until tonight. Elle Woods (Laura Bell Bundy) seems like a typical cute California co-ed, but she's really no fool. She thinks she's found herself the perfect man in snobbish Warner. So when he dumps her for a "serious" woman when he's accepted to Harvard, she follows him. Elle may be super-smart, but her pink wardrobe and bright personality don't fit in at the elite law school. She feels better when she befriends Emmett, a tough student who helps her out, and Paulette, a hairdresser at a local salon. She's thrilled to get a coveted internship, but when her first case turns out to be tougher than she could have imagined, it'll take all her California go-girl smarts to stay in the game...and remind everyone that being blond doesn't mean there's nothing under that hair.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well done this was. The story was really touching, especially how Emmett and Vivianne helped her in the end, not to mention how Paulette's story turned out. If you love modern musical comedies (the music here is very modern pop-rock) or enjoyed the original movie (I really need to rent that somewhere), I highly recommend looking around for this.

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