Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Doc Is In

Started a cloudy, cold day with a late breakfast and more Red Skelton on TV. "Public Pigeon #1" was an episode of the anthology series Climax Red did with another former MGM star, Ann Rutherford. Red is a soda jerk who spends the money he was going to use to marry his girlfriend (Rutherford) on a uranium mine. The mine turns out to be phony, sold by con men. When Red confronts them, they pretend they're FBI agents on the track of the real con men. They get Red up and get him sent to jail...then break him out when they realize he's the only one who knows where all the money from their cons is hidden.

I finally got to doing my laundry around 11:30. That was a good time to do it. There were a few people unloading dryers when I was there. It was practically empty by the time I was pulling my own huge load (including towels) out of a dryer. I spent most of the time reading a book of fairy tales and listening to The Price Is Right and the news. (Incidentally, the weather forecasters mentioned that it snowed an inch or so at the Shore, but the storm was tiny and fast-moving. It never got anywhere near here. We had clouds all day.)

When I got home, I ran Doc McStuffins while putting everything away, and then while having leftovers for lunch. The newest batch of Doc episodes revolve around different types of medicine, such as surgery or eye care. Chilly the (Stuffed) Snowman has been insisting he's a real snowman for ages. He wants to stay outside in the cold with the real snowmen, but he finally gets a wake-up call when he ends up frost-bitten in "Chilly Gets Chilly." A toy owl loves to read, but can't make out the words when she loses her glasses, Doc and her crew help her find a new pair in "Through the Reading Glasses." "Disco Dress Up Daisy" breaks her arm and has to have a cast while it mends. Lamby gets a little jealous and tries to get Doc to give her a cast, too. "The Glider Brothers" are a pair of toy planes who just want to speed all over the house when Doc's brother brings them inside! When a crash breaks the propeller of one of the planes, they learn why outside toys should stay outside.

I rushed to work and just barely made it. I could have been infinitely late. Work was mildly steady until rush hour, when it got busy. After rush hour, it died so fast, I spent the last hour and a half or so standing around. Needless to say, I had no problems getting in or out.

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