Friday, January 23, 2015

Before the Snow Storm

Began the day with oatmeal and canned pineapple for breakfast while watching my first Valentine's Day special of the year. Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You is a holiday variation on Winnie the Pooh/Pooh's Grand Adventure. Pooh and the others think Christopher Robin has been bitten by the "Smitten" bug when they find him making a valentine for a girl. Fearing that he'll forget about them, they try to find the Smitten bug to change him back. In the end, Christopher Robin finally reminds them that true friends never really leave your heart.

It was still sunny and bright when I started out to work this morning. We were busy all day long. I worked as hard and fast as I could! The local weather reports had been fussing since yesterday about the snow we were supposed to get tonight...that would turn into plain old rain by morning. Most people just rolled their eyes and bought their usual orders. It did get bad around noon, but quieted down a little after that. It was just starting to pick up again as my shift was ending; the managers called one of the baggers to finish my line so I could get off on time.

Went in the back to get my schedule as soon as I finished. Another fairly quiet schedule. I have a few more hours and one less day off. Monday and Saturday remain off, no long hours, nothing later than 7. (Which I really appreciate, since it's going to get pretty cold next week. I won't want to be out that late.)

I didn't have a huge shopping order this week. I mainly took advantage of a buck-a-bag produce sale to restock my refrigerator. In addition to the usual grapefruit, I grabbed carrots, a bag of broccoli crowns, celery, grape tomatoes, and an avocado. Raided that buy-one, get-one spiced and breaded meat sale for spiced chicken legs and thighs. Decided I'd make tacos for dinner tomorrow and bought Old El Paso taco-sized flour tortillas on sale for $1.25. The fancy grain-fed large eggs were on a big sale, too. They were $1.99, cheaper than the Acme's regular large eggs! Restocked sandwich bags, cannelli beans, no salt added tomato sauce, brown and white sugar, and crushed pineapple.

Spent the rest of the evening at home, eating leftover turkey tenderloin wraps with sauteed spinach and mushroom for dinner and watching The Road to Utopia. Bing Crosby and Bob Hope are off on their fourth wacky adventure in exotic foreign climbs. This is the only "Road To" movie to be set in the past and in a non-tropical climate, as we follow the boys to 1890's Alaska. They stole a map to a gold mine off a pair of murders...and now some shady locals (lead by Douglass Dumbrille) are after the map! Dorothy Lamour, the daughter of the mine's former owner, wants it too. Robert Benchley provides running commentary for no real reason.

I love all of the "Road To" movies, and this is one of the more usual ones, with a slightly tougher plot. Great for fans; casual viewers may want to start with the more typical Zanzibar or Morocco first.

It waited until I was long at home and online to finally start snowing. It's still coming down at press time, although once again not heavily.

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