Thursday, January 22, 2015

"When the Legend Becomes Fact, Print the Legend."

Today was an early work day. It was flurrying when I went to work, which may have been why we were so quiet early on. It didn't really pick up until noon, and even then, it never got really crazy. I got a lovely compliment from Jean, one of my co-workers, this morning. She said she read my blog and thought I was a really good writer who should look into local newspapers like the Philadelphia Inquirer. Well, maybe not something that hard-news, but something more local, like City Paper.

On the other hand, I got scolded again later in the day. Despite all the compliments and 10's I've gotten over the last few weeks, the managers still say I'm not moving fast enough or bagging enough! I don't hear any customers complaining. I do have a hard time looking into people's eyes. People just make me so nervous. It's hard to explain. I never know what to say to them.

I hurried out of work as fast as I could. Despite all the fussing about the snow and rain we're supposed to get on Saturday, the sky was actually breaking up when I came out. Not only that, but it was so warm (probably into the mid-40's), yesterday's snow had completely disappeared.

When I got in, I went right in the bath. I needed it rather badly after all the fussing at work. I try so hard, and I feel like I never make anyone happy, no matter how many compliments I get from customers. I read Revolution From Within, listened to Lena Horne, and enjoyed a nice, long soak.

When I finally got out, I started Fudgy Mint Brownies (my favorite Fudgy Brownies recipe with those mint chocolate chips and mint extract replacing the vanilla). Made leftover turkey tenderloin with escarole and mushrooms while the brownies were in the oven. Yum. They all came out very well. I sauteed the turkey, escarole, and mushrooms in apple cider vinegar, low-salt soy sauce, water, and spices, and it came out delicious and flavorful. The brownies were moist and soo minty!

Ran The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance while working in the kitchen. Rance (James Stewart) is a tenderfoot lawyer just arrived in the lawless town of Shinbone. He's attacked by local bandits, including the notorious Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin) before he even gets there. The town's restaurant owners, including the lovely Hallie (Vera Miles), get him cleaned up and a place to stay. Hallie's boyfriend Tom, a horse rancher, (John Wayne), isn't crazy about this newcomer who refuses to carry a gun...and he's even less happy when Rance starts teaching locals to read and encouraging them to vote for statehood. When Valance nearly kills Rance's friend the newspaper editor after he loses the election, Rance finally decides it's time for a showdown. he the one who really shot Valance, or was there someone else behind the scenes?

A mature and very dark western, one of John Ford's darkest, that dares question what makes a true hero and what makes a legend...and whether the two are and should be separate. Everyone does some magnetic work here, especially Wayne and John Carradine in a cameo near the end as a particuarly hammy politician. The violence and adult themes make this not for young kids. For older kids and young teens on up (especially if they've seen any of Wayne, Ford, or Stewart's other westerns), this is a nice discussion of heroism, politics, and the importance of education.

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Linda said...

Every time I see one of your movie reviews, Emma, and notice how you always mention if it is appropriate for kids, I wonder if there is some family-type publication who would enjoy your input.