Wednesday, March 11, 2015

There's That Rabbit

Started out another sunny, very warm day with The First Easter Rabbit. This is another Rankin-Bass take on the origins of the Easter Bunny, basically an Easter Velveteen Rabbit. Stuffy the Bunny was the beloved toy of a little girl named Glinda, until she got scarlet fever and he had to be thrown away. A fairy turns him into the Easter Bunny, the beloved symbol of spring and Easter, and directs him to Easter Valley. Zero the Snow Wizard wants to find the magical Golden Lily that keeps the valley warm. With a little help from Santa Claus, Stuffy can still bring spring to Glinda and to all children.

Work was very quiet all day. I didn't think it would be terribly busy. First of all, it's so warm out. A lot of people probably took the opportunity to do cleaning or outdoor chores they haven't been able to do since January, or even December. Second, it's the middle of the month. Third, the only real holiday in March this year is St. Patrick's Day, which is next week. Fourth, I think the vast majority of locals did their shopping last week, before or during the storm. It was so quiet, I was able to shut down at rush hour with no problems at all.

Richard was fixing the heavy front door when I got home. It got loose somehow. I've had to lift it to get it to close right. He tightened the screws. It now closes just fine. After he left, I spent an hour relaxing in a warm bathtub, listening to Count Basie and reading The Way We Lived, a Reader's Digest coffee table book on the 20th century I found at a yard sale a few years ago.

Did an episode of Wonder Woman while eating salmon with mushroom and onions in red wine sauce and green beans and almonds for dinner. The second season episode "The Pied Piper" is the first of four episodes of the show to deal with aspects of the music business in the mid-70's. Diana Prince is baffled by a series of thefts that take place during the concerts of a popular pop singer and flutist (Martin Mull). Someone else is pulling those jobs, but who...and how are they stealing money without destroying anything? Meanwhile, her boss' college daughter is bored with school and has fallen into "The Pied Piper"'s clutches. Wonder Woman finally shows both of them that, no matter how difficult life and the music business is, there are people who care about them for something besides money.

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