Friday, March 13, 2015

One Flower Grows Alone In Your Garden

It was still sunny out when I started work. It was far busier than it has been the past week, with long lines all day. I guess everyone decided to get out before the rain comes in late tonight. People were in lousy moods, too. There were a lot of people who wouldn't help bag or were just plain cranky and obnoxious. I ended up staying an extra hour. One of the older female managers who is perpetually sick called out. Again. She's always out at this time of year. They told my relief to take her spot. I was so happy when it slowed down enough that I was able to close on my own.

I wish I was as happy with my schedule. On one hand, I have more hours this week, which will be a big help to my paycheck. However, one of those days is relatively late, until 8, and I only have Monday off. I hate it when I only have one day off. I'm already feeling stressed as it is. I can't concentrate on anything at home. I can't write; I can't think. I can't come up with any ideas for anything, no matter how hard I try. People are going on vacation at the same time again. Can't someone put their foot down and tell employees to be more careful about when they go on vacation? It's not fair to leave ten people to do all the work.

Grocery shopping went much better. I got lucky. The Acme was having a "Buck A Bag" produce sale this week. I really needed to restock my vegetables. I picked up celery, cherry tomatoes, bagged spinach, bananas, grapefruit, apples, and bags of sliced broccoli and cauliflower and a stir-fry mix. I used up the last of my cheese yesterday. That tasty Cabot Farmhouse Aged Cheese was on sale for $2.50; went with the White Oak variety. Frozen food is 10 % off this week. The Green Giant frozen vegetables were already on sale for a dollar each. I grabbed my favorite Broccoli Cuts and Green Beans and Almonds. Restocked canned white beans and tomato paste. Found some interesting deep discount or clearance items, including Bigelow's Apple Cider herbal tea leftover from last fall, the Acme's generic brownie mix for a dollar, their organic Cranberry Almond Cereal, and a multi-grain wheat berry pancake mix.

When I finally got home, I changed into regular clothes, put everything away, and made leftovers for dinner. After I ate, I worked on crocheting a blanket for a present while watching the 1943 The Desert Song. This version of the famous 20's operetta by Sigmund Romberg has been updated to World War II. Here, El Khobar (Dennis Morgan) is working with the Riff tribes to stop the building of a railroad that's vital to the Nazi war effort. Irene Manning is Margot, the beautiful French caberet singer he falls for. I loved this take on my favorite operetta, despite the heavy changes in the script and score. Morgan is especially good as the desert leader with the dual identity. Look for this one at the Warner Archives if you love musical adventures or Lawrence-of-Arabia-style desert tales.

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