Monday, March 23, 2015

Chilled Spring

I slept in again. It was still sunny and cold, but not quite as windy when I finally got out of bed. Ran Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose while I ate breakfast. Serena and the Soldiers get quite a surprise when a young man appears, claiming to be a friend of Darien's. Darien has no idea who he is. Turns out he's an alien named Fiore who had befriended Darien on a previous visit to Earth. Fiore found a flower on another planet, hoping to give it to Darien...but the flower had plans of its own, and is now using him to suck the energy from the Earth! Fiore finally kidnaps Darien and takes him to a planet filled with flowers that are ready to invade the planet. The Soldiers go after them, and learn a lesson in teamwork and the importance of building and maintaining friendships in the process.

Finally headed out around 12:30. It was a beautiful day for an errands run. It was probably chillier than it should have been, but the sun felt nice and warm. It continued to melt the little remaining snow as I cut across Newton Lake Park. I saw quite a few people out and about despite the cold day, including dog walkers and ducks floating along on the now-defrosted lake.

The Haddon Township Library was very busy with people taking out movies on lunch break when I arrived. I mostly organized the kids' and adults' DVD's. They really need to thin out those S titles, in both adult and kids' sides. They still have waaaayyy too much Scooby Doo and Sesame Street! I'm a fan of both, but they take up almost all of the first two shelves on the S through Z rack alone.

I did end up taking out a few things today. Disney finally put out Ducktales the Movie: Treasures of the Lost Lamp on commercial DVD. (It's been out in their Movie Club for a few years now.) I used to love that when I was a kid. Found How to Train Your Dragon 2 and X Men: Days of Future Past among the adult titles. Also grabbed two books on crocheting (one concentrating on things for the house).

I made a quick stop at Thriftway next. They were having good sales on cooking oil (Crisco was $2.99) and cooking spray (their generic White Rose brand was $1.69!). I was hoping to get chocolate chips as well, but the prices weren't nearly as good as the Acme's. It was so quiet, they only had two lines open. I had to wait a few minutes.

It was so late by the time I got out of Thriftway, I skipped my original plan of going to Rite Aid for Tums (I'll get them on Wednesday) and returned to Oaklyn for lunch. The kids were out of the Oaklyn School when I arrived at Phillies Phatties. I had two quick slices of cheese and mushroom pizza and a can of Diet Pepsi while groups of kids sat around me, chatting about their school day. The Phillies played the Twins in pre-season baseball in the background. (The Phillies ultimately won, 3 to 0.)

As soon as I got in, I grabbed my laundry and went right back out. I really had to get it done. It was surprisingly quiet at the laundromat for 4:30 on a Monday evening. There were only a few people there when I arrived. I read The Crystal Ball and ignored the obnoxious Dr. Phil in the background. The news that came on afterwards was infinitely more interesting. By the time it got busier, I was getting my small load out of the dryer.

Spent the rest of the evening at home. I put everything away, then made scrambled eggs with stir-fry vegetables as I watched an episode of Moonlighting. Rebecca isn't the only one to use psychic phenomenon to solve a mystery. One of David and Maddie's earliest cases from their truncated first season was "Read the Mind, See the Movie." Maddie is determined to find out how a company building elaborate new weapons for the military is losing their contracts to their competitor. The rival says he's getting information from a psychic who may or may not be on the level. Maddie and David go on a surveillance mission to find out.

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Linda said...

James and I refer to it as DR. PHIL AND THE MUTANTS. Who ARE these weird people?