Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring With the Bowery Boys

Today was my early work shift. It was fairly quiet when I got in at 9, but it picked up around lunch time and stayed busy. The weather reports have been blaring snow. Oh please. Even if we do get snow, this isn't mid-February. The ground is still too warm and mushy for snow to stick. It'll probably stick to the ground for a little while, then melt the moment the sun comes out the next day. Not to mention, it's supposed to be in the 60's by next week.

I did get some good news early on. One of the managers told me I had a third vacation week I hadn't used. I had no idea. I got my second vacation week about five years ago, so yeah, I was probably due. I ended up taking it the week of my birthday, April 12th through 18th. I was originally going to hit the Deptford Mall before counseling on my birthday. I think I'll do the mall either the day before or the day after counseling and have a nice lunch in Haddonfield for my birthday instead. Otherwise, I'll be passing this vacation entirely at home, doing the usual chores and bike rides. Most of the money from this vacation will go towards my rent or my shared vacation with Lauren in mid-June.

As soon as I got home, I changed and went online. I wanted to finish out the bike essay, which I did. I'll let it stew tomorrow, then edit it, decide where I'd send it if I actually wanted to sell it, and post it.

I had a quick leftovers dinner, then headed outside for a walk to WaWa. It was a really gorgeous spring day. You'd never know we're supposed to get snow and rain tomorrow. The sky was still bright blue at 5:30, though I could see some clouds rolling in on the horizon. Kids were outside, playing catch or riding bikes. There was no wind, and the remaining sun felt warm. Buds are appearing on trees; new grass and the tips of flowers are popping out of the ground. I bought a Mint Cream Smoothie, along with eggs (which were cheaper at WaWa than they were at the Acme). Ooh, yum yum. Sweet and cool and just minty enough. And yes, you could taste the mint, unlike the Eggnog Smoothie that tasted like a vanilla milkshake.

When I got home, I finished out another Bowery Boys movie before hitting the shower. The Boys head west in Bowery Buckaroos, the first of two movies to spoof Monogram's regular genre. Their favorite ice cream shop owner, Louie, claims he's been framed for murder. The real killer, Black Jack, still runs the town Louie fled. He wants the map to a gold mine tattooed on Louie's back. The Boys draw a copy of the map on Sach's back and go out to Hangman's Hollow to hunt gold and trap Black Jack themselves. Meanwhile, their slick friend Gabe goes on ahead, posing as a gambler. He falls for smart and pretty cowgirl Katherine Briggs...who turns out to have her own connection to the gold.

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