Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dark Tales On a Rainy Day

It was just cloudy and damp when I got up this morning. I listened to the original cast album of the stage Newsies while eating breakfast. I didn't get to the first item on my list, my very large laundry load, until quarter after 11. It wasn't that busy, mostly older women doing their own big loads. I watched The Price Is Right and the local news and listened to the families who arrived later.

When I loaded my laundry bag onto the basket, I noticed that the front tire seemed a little low. It was fine yesterday! After I got home, I put everything away, then went downstairs and tried to pump it. It helped...for a few seconds. I figured it had a slow leak. I didn't have the time for messing with it at that point. I had to get to the Oaklyn Library. I headed out on foot.

I didn't get to the Oaklyn Library until past 1:15. The only people there were one guy on the computers and the librarian. For so late in the day, there was a lot to do. They've been getting a lot of new DVD's to organize. Many of those new DVD's still had their stickers on the top and sides. I didn't even have the chance to get them all of before the librarian started clearing people out at 1:50, so she could close for the afternoon at 2.

Since it's about three blocks or so from the Library, I had lunch at Amato Bros. They're a small deli and hoagie shop on the White Horse Pike. I had their "Big Papa" sandwich - turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and sweet peppers. (It's also supposed to have roast beef, but I figured the turkey was enough.) Even at one fourth the size of a regular hoagie, it was still big and thick. It and a couple of oatmeal raisin cookies filled me up very well. I watched people come in and out, getting late lunch orders.

It began to shower lightly as I went to Family Dollar, then headed in the House of Fun to escape the weather. The House of Fun is the collectible toys shop on the next block over from Capitol Pizza. They're always jammed full of every toy, stuffed animal, sci-fi DVD, piece of Sanrio merchandise, video game, comic book, and book on pop culture ever made. A dad was even there with a few kids. It took me almost an hour to decide. I finally went with two DVD's. I saw a copy of The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen with a really neat, period-appropriate cover. The Brothers Grimm was under it; I love Baron Munchhausen and have never seen Brothers Grimm. I got both for a little under $10.50.

The rain was starting to get a little heavier. I made a brief stop in the comic book store next-door before walking home. I ran into my next-door neighbor Richard as he was coming home. I was just about to try to fix the front tire. He said he'd take a look at it.

I just went upstairs after that and spent the rest of a rainy afternoon at home. Finally got to changing the dolls into somewhat lighter outfits for early spring. Felicity's now sporting what was originally her friend Elizabeth's Summer Gown. It has a quilted petticoat; I really think of it as being more appropriate for spring. Whitney and Jessa wear modern green blouses and jeans. I paired Jessa's beaded jeans from the 2004 Ready for Fun modern "meet" outfit with the boots from the "meet" outfit Whitney came in. Whitney wears the turtleneck from the modern Girl Scout Uniform with the 90's basic jeans (they're too tight for Jessa!) and Springfield Collection sneakers. Josefina wears her Harvest Outfit. Molly's in a shamrock-print dress I found at a yard sale and the white t-strap shoes from her Polka-Dot Outfit. I have Samantha in her blue Play Dress and Pinafore; AG only just released her first green dress last month.

Richard came up shortly after I finished the dolls. He took so long because the tire was shot. He ended up replacing the tire and the tube. The bike is now totally fixed. I also asked him about when they're finally going to get around to doing the repair work upstairs. As of right now, it probably won't be for a while, maybe until summer. They found termites downstairs and are still trying to do a lot of major repairs on the kitchen. He did say I could stay at the apartment at the top of their house when the time comes. At this point, it may be my only option. Jodie said I could stay in Jessa's room at Dad's house, but I don't want to disrupt anything if Dad's recovering from surgery. Richard says they admire my spirit - they know I will take my bike or walk in most weather, and only ask for a ride when I absolutely have to. I hated asking Rose for a ride last week.

I went right into making Apple Strusel Muffins, then Bean and Vegetable Soup for dinner while watching The Brothers Grimm. Jakob (Heath Ledger) and Willhem (Matt Damon) Grimm are con men who go around creating illusions to get money off of local villagers. When the French catch up to them, they send the two to one local town that's having particular problems with supposed witchcraft. Ten girls have vanished without a trace, and the town's citizens are getting nervous, to say the least. The duo and a rather annoying Italian soldier venture into the woods to find out what's going on, with the aid of a young woman whose sisters are among the missing...and discover that some fairy tales are not only real, but more terrifying than any illusions they could create.

Whoa. This was a weird one. Director Terry Gilliam claimed this was for kids...but with girls' faces being pulled off and turning into gingerbread men, queens shattering like mirrors, old hags taking the life from young girls, and demonic horses running around, I seriously wouldn't recommend it for them. For teenagers and adults who like their fantasy on the darker side, this is an unusual look at how some of the world's most famous stories came into being. Damon and Ledger do especially well in the reverse of their usual roles, with Damon as the rational, roguish brother and Ledger as the sweet, slightly dorky scholar.

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