Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Around the Town and Home Again

I started the morning off by finishing The Boy Friend and eating shredded wheat and half a grapefruit for breakfast. I didn't get going until 11:30. My first stop was Studio LuLoo for this week's volunteering session there. I decided to try something different and swept the sidewalk outside. Studio LuLoo is between Phillies Phatties and Leo's Yum Yum on West Clinton. They all share the new wood-and-plastic picnic tables that appeared on the sidewalks last year. I swept under the ones closest to Studio LuLoo, and pushed as much debris off the main sidewalk as I could with the wind.

When I got back in, I did what I could with the play area. It was a real mess. Toys and dress-up costumes and play food was scattered all over the floor. I could barely move around. I brought in the stuffed animals and dolls I'd brought for donations, then got to organizing everything. I dumped dolls in one container, horses in another. Large toys were separated into two big plastic bins. Dropped soft balls into a mini-shopping cart. (I didn't know where else to put them.) Stuffed animals and large dolls went in a doll crib. Play food was returned to the Cinderella-themed kitchen.

Headed to the Oaklyn Library next. They just completely rearranged their DVD's. The shelves that held the adult DVD's on one side and oversized books on the other were now placed back-to-back instead of side-by-side. They're also now strictly home for DVD's. The classic movies were re-integrated into the shelves. The kids' DVD's were moved over to next to the TV. I worked on organizing all of them. It would seem they hadn't entirely finished organizing them when they were moved. I took a look at the children's section, too. (I have no idea what happened to the oversized and reference books, though.)

It had started to shower lightly as I left Studio LuLoo. The rain picked up as I headed down to the White Horse Pike. I hadn't eaten at Aunt Berta's for a while. The soul food restaurant was very busy when I arrived. I took a seat next to the window and watched the heavy traffic on the Pike as other people chatted around me. I knew exactly what I wanted. I got the salmon cake lunch hour special that comes with one salmon cake and two sides and the tub-sized container of sweet iced tea. My collard greens and candied yams were delicious, especially the yams. Had a nice, crumbly slice of cornbread, too. It was all tasty.

The rain had picked up as I ate lunch. I decided to just save the bike riding idea I had for another day and buy the things I needed from the CVS on the border of Collingswood and Oaklyn. They were pretty busy for mid-afternoon when I got in. I ended up with the Tums I needed, plus their generic drain cleaner on sale. (My bathroom sink is still running really slow.)

The rain continued on and off for the rest of the afternoon. I spent the remaining day indoors. I worked a little on class work online. I also joined another AG adult collectors message board, AG Collectors. I'm going to stay on AG Playthings as well, but I've been getting tired of some of the fussing over there about the sales and the new Historical things being different from the old Historical things. On the other hand, some of the people on AG Collectors are nice but very outspoken about everything under the sun! I'm a bit intimidated. We'll see how things go there.

I ran Ducktails the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp while making a very fast peanut butter and jelly sandwich and spinach salad dinner. Uncle Scrooge takes Launchpad, Webby, and the nephews on a trip to the desert to find the legendary Treasure of Kali Baba. They come back empty-handed, much to Scrooge's frustration...except for a rather familiar lamp that Webby kept to use with her dolls. The lamp turns out to be the home of a genie who, unlike the Aladdin version, is basically a kid himself.  When Uncle Scrooge finds out, he uses the genie to bring him the treasure. Someone else is also after the genie, a nasty sorcerer named Merlock who has a talisman that grants him unlimited wishes. Uncle Scrooge ends up discovering just how important his family and home are when the sorcerer and his cowardly minion Dijon get their hands on the genie, and he and the others have to get it back.

If you're a fan of the original Ducktails, this movie is a no-brainer. I'm so glad it's finally on regular DVD. While the animation isn't on a par with their regular animated films, it's mostly better than the TV show. I love the opening in the pyramid and how the kids found and befriended the genie. I'm less fond of the second half. Dijon is a rather annoying stereotype, and Merlock is too hammy for words (played by Christopher Lloyd, which explains a lot) and has some of the film's stiffest dialogue. The genie can come off as a bit annoying as well.

I still recommend this for fans of Ducktails or the Uncle Scrooge comics that inspired it. Short and fun, with some wonderful action sequences, especially in the opening.

Oh, and I made Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies during the first half of Ducktails, mainly to use the last of the raisins I bought for the Irish Soda Bread. It's a variation on a recipe from the Betty Crocker Cooky Book. I added a cup of whole wheat flour and baking powder to make up for not having enough oatmeal. My first couple cookies were a little crumbly, so I added more water to the mix. Yum. Sweet and chewy and a little nutty.

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