Monday, June 20, 2016

In the Summertime

I didn't sleep well last night. I got up initially around 5, then tossed and turned for a little while off and on before finally dropping off around 6. I woke up for good around 8:30. Read Honor Among Thieves for a little while, then wrote in my journal while waiting for Lauren's head to pop up from behind the love seat.

We ran Tom & Jerry cartoons as I ate breakfast. Headed out around 10 to catch the 10:37 to Moorestown. I had to stop at WaWa really fast for money, which didn't help. Neither did the heat. It got into the lower 90's here today, though at least it wasn't that humid. We just missed the bus and ended up sitting at the stop on King's Highway for an hour. At least it was covered and in the shade.

The bus finally arrived around 11:45. The traffic was a little busy going through Haddonfield and Cherry Hill, but it wasn't bad. The worst of the road work seems to be done, too. There were no problems getting to Moorestown.

Started at FYE this time. Lauren wanted to exchange a t-shirt she bought for her dad on Friday for a larger size. Neither of us bought anything else there - their selection wasn't any better after the weekend.

Took advantage of the remodeled Food Court to check out their wares. Lauren had a slice of pepperoni from Brooklyn Pizza. I had a beef hot dog with onions, relish, and mustard and a bag of the same kind of skin-on steak fries I got at the Pop Shop last week from Moon Dog Grill...and they were just as good. The bag was so full, I shared them with Lauren.

Wandered around in Boscov's next. I didn't see any socks I could afford. I really need socks right now. Lauren did get a Monopoly-themed card game to play with her folks. The line at the sales desk was long and annoying. She must have been there 10 minutes.

Went outside next to check out the stores across the street. Briefly looked at Dick's for errand-running sneakers (nothing I liked) before heading further down. Too far. Lauren wanted to go to Game Stop, but I hadn't realized how big the East Gate Shopping Center was. It took us 20 minutes of hiking in the heat to get down there. At the very least, the store was a good size, and we did find what we were looking for. I got the first Lego Indiana Jones game, and Lauren picked up her own copy of the second one, along with the Angry Birds Trilogy.

Briefly stopped at Ross Dress For Less on our way back. They're pretty much the same thing as Kohl's and Nordstrom Outlet, a cheap (and dark) place for fancy clothes leftovers. I didn't see anything I wanted. Lauren bought a blouse for work.

We were tired and sweating bullets after our long walk. Made our way back to the Food Court, this time to Rita's Water Ice. Lauren had the brilliant idea to get frozen drinks. She had cherry-lemon. I opted to go more decadent and mixed mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream. Oh yummm. Sweet and minty, with lots of teeny-weeny chips and a few big cookie pieces. It really hit the spot after all the walking we've been doing.

That pretty much ended anything we wanted to do at the Moorestown Mall. We spent our last 20 minutes waiting for the bus. It took a little bit longer this time - we got stuck in rush-hour traffic in Haddonfield and Cherry Hill. We finally made it home around quarter after 6.

Had the last of the leftovers for dinner while watching more Tom & Jerry. After we ate, I hit the shower, then we played more Lego Indiana Jones 2. We finally decided it was time to move on, dodging man-and-plastic-eating ants to finish out the second part of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and move on to the third and final half. Oxley and his Crystal Skull helped us get around the ants in the first round. The second round was another "everyone run everything into each other" vehicle free-for-all, this one with car-boats in the jungle.

Speaking of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I put that on to finish out the Indiana Jones series when we went online. An older (and somewhat wiser) Indy (Harrison Ford) is now after the title object, which may be related to something completely out of this world...and out of his comfort zone. He gets help from Mutt (Shia LaBouf), a motorcycle mechanic and the son of his old flame Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen).

A lot of people were hard on this one when it came out. That was probably over-hype talking. I think this is a lot of fun, and no stranger than any of the other Indy movies. (I'd still begin with one of the 80's movies before coming here, though, especially Raiders.)

We're finishing out the night with the original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. (Lauren and I are both big Turtles fans.) A crime wave is spreading across New committed by thieves who use ninja moves. April O'Neal thinks there's a lot more going on here than the police will admit. She learns she may be right when she's helped out by what turns out to be a quartet of goofy over-sized teen turtles who practice the same kinds of moves. With the help of sports-loving vigilante Casey Jones, April and the quartet learn a bit about teamwork and the importance of family.

Another old favorite of mine. A lot of the references haven't dated well, but I like the mildly dark atmosphere. For older kids and fans of the original 80's/early 90's Turtles, this is well worth your time.

Tomorrow, we're off to the Cherry Hill Mall to spend Lauren's last day here in as much air conditioning as possible.

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