Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fantasy and History

Kicked off a sunny, breezy day with my second early work shift in a row. I did get outside to do carts for about 40 minutes when I got in. Otherwise, I was inside for most of the day. It was once again dead, especially early on. I did need to take the register briefly around 12:30. Otherwise, there wasn't much going on. I polished the stainless steel bathroom stalls, bagged, and did a couple of returns. Grabbed a soft pretzel for a snack on the way out.

As soon as I got home, I changed into regular clothes and had a snack. Did more Rick Steves' Europe as I ate. We're back in French wine country, this time in Alsace. Not being a big wine drinker, my real interest in this episode was a segment on the Battle of Verdun and World War I. I also liked seeing some really beautiful old medieval and Renaissance-era towns.

Spent the next few hours writing. Henry Solo and his ward Luke Skywalker have arrived to visit and to make sure Leia's ok after her kidnapping. Leia's sure they're the Crimson Hawk and Golden Eagle. Mon Mothma just thinks they're up to something. When Henry invites Leia and her Aunt Breha for a picnic and a trip on the river the next day, Leia readily agrees. Mon Mothma believes Henry and Luke are up to something. Leia wants to prove they're the ones who rescued her.

Broke to make dinner around 6. Inspired by the first "Pantry Raids" Good Eats episode that had Alton Brown demonstrating how to cook pasta, I decided to try making my own version of Jodie's goulash. Browned onions, scallions, mushrooms, sliced cherry tomatoes, and ground turkey. Mixed it with tomato sauce. Sprinkled it with Parmesan cheese and a little Gouda (I was just about out). Added cooked noodles. Let it bake for 40 minutes. Oh yum. It came out very well, for a quick tossed-together dish. I'll definitely add more cheese if I have it next time, though.

Played Kirby's Epic Yarn while it baked. Went back to Quilty Square to design a few rooms for the little tadpole-like creatures who live in the "apartments" there. The furniture you find in the rounds is for them. Played a mini-game that had me chasing a couple of the little guys over part of a round in 3 minutes. I found them all just in time! Tried Yin Yarn again. I got a lot more beads on my fourth try, but it still wasn't enough. I'll give it another shot later in the week.

Finished out the night with Fairie Tale Theatre. Shelly Duvall's retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" sticks far closer to the original French version than either Disney film did. Beauty (Susan Sarandon) spends her days taking care of her father and her spoiled sisters (one is Anjelica Huston). When her father runs afoul of a fearsome beast (Klaus Kinski) for picking his rose, Beauty opts to take his place. She eventually discovers that under all the fur and claws beats a loyal, kind heart. When her father is sick, she returns to care for him, but he's afraid to let her return. Beauty's afraid that if she doesn't get back in time, the Beast will die...but there's a surprise waiting for her at the palace when she arrives.

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