Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sweet and Sour Spring

Began the day at work. One of the cashiers called out. I ended up taking her place. I wish they could have given me notice. I wasn't ready to deal with so many people, especially when I'm not really used to doing it anymore. At least it wasn't much busier than yesterday. My only real problem was handling the WIC checks. Someone didn't read her order right and hadn't gotten half of what I needed. My manager didn't want to let me finish them, but how will I ever learn if he does everything for me? I tried to leave on time, but the manager said to wait for someone to come in for me. Which of course meant I was almost late getting out.

I took the long way home down Nicholson Road to make myself feel better. At least it was a beautiful day. The air was relatively cool, probably in the mid-60's, and it was windy, but it remained sunny and bright. It couldn't have been a nicer spring day, which may be why the traffic wasn't bad. Some folks may already have headed home to start preparing for Easter and Passover celebrations, or to go down to the shore for the weekend.

When I got home, I had the Choboni key lime yogurt and the last of the Apple-Butterscotch Muffins for lunch. Replaced them with Banana Honey Muffins, made from Alton Brown's Old-School Muffins recipe. I let them get a little too brown. Otherwise, they seem to have come out pretty well, and they made the apartment smell amazing when they were in the oven.

Ran Berry Hi-Tech Fashion while I worked. Sweet and Sour Grapes and Apple Dumplin' are introduced in these episodes, which somehow manage to mix high fashion and technology and make it work. It's "Berry Double Trouble" when Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Torte hire the Grapes twins to run the cafe while Strawberry models their new video skirt for an online fashion contest. The duo are complete opposites who can't agree on anything. Their bickering almost ruins a major event at the cafe, until Strawberry finds a way for them to work together.

Apple Dumplin' drops by for a visit in "Berry Bitty Adventurer." She's an adrenaline junkie who loves a good adventure, almost as much as she loves telling tales of her exploits to the Baby Berrikins. She's also a tech wiz, but her attempts to make use of her knowledge end up with Strawberry unable to sleep and the water works spouting frozen juice. She thinks she's not wanted, but it turns out that the residents appreciate her efforts more than she realizes.

Sour provides a bit of "High Tech Drama" when she and Sweet are recruited to test Lemon's new Mood Wigs. The wigs make them look even more alike. Sour doesn't want to resemble her shier twin, preferring her independence. Her pranks just make things worse, not better, until the show gets out of control. The video helps Sour realize just how obnoxious she was acting. Sweet's her twin, whether they look alike or not.

Broke to work on my story for a while. Actually, a lot of what I did was editing. I'm hoping to post the first half of this at Archive of Our Own (and maybe if I can figure out how to do chapters) by the beginning of next week. (I won't post it at my blog until I'm done with it.)

Leia spends the next few days resting at Chalindria Court, Mon Mothma's palatial estate on the Calamari River. She's upset when her uncle leaves for Alderaan to help deal with the devastation wrought by the Death Star Airship's light beam cannon. Leia's disappointed. Not only was she hoping to spend time with her father, but he's concerned for their safety and won't let her or her aunt return with him. Two familiar male visitors may make her feel a lot better...

Broke around 6 for a quick leftovers dinner. Ran Sailor Moon while I ate. Usagi has the worst birthday ever in the two-part third season episode "Birthday Blues." First, she thinks the girls and Mamoru forgot. They didn't. The girls were having a surprise party, and she never told Mamoru when her birthday was. Even when they make up and he gives her a gift, Kaorinite shows up with a monster who steals Usagi's broach and turns her boyfriend into glass! Sailor Uranus and Neptune lend a hand...but will the continue to help out if Usagi has the pure heart crystal they're looking for?

Made a quick ride to WaWa between episodes. I wanted to pick up money from the ATM machine for my trip to the movies tomorrow. I'll likely be seeing Beauty and the Beast at the Cinemark Movie Theater in Somerdale tomorrow, the same one I saw The Force Awakens with Jess at last year. I'm hoping to take a fairly early bus and don't want to have to grab money beforehand. It was still a nice night for a quick bike ride, a little cloudier but not bad.

Finished out the evening with Kirby's Epic Yarn. The last couple of rounds involved a lot of bouncing in the air and shooting out of cannons. "Cloud Palace" in particular, with its bouncy clouds I could never land on right, was really tough. After all that, Yin Yarn could have been worse, especially the final part where you get to turn into a tank and shoot the hell out of him. It just takes a few minutes to figure out how to get out of his curtain. I still didn't get enough beads for the last two patches. I'll try again next time.

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