Monday, April 24, 2017

Cloudy With a Chance of Bonds

Began a gloomy, gray morning with early work. It wasn't too bad when I got in. I spent most of the first hour doing carts. (Including moving carts from the Nicholson Road entrance to the more-frequented one on the Black Horse Pike.) Managed to get about half the returns done before break...and only got to them for about 20 minutes or so afterwards. It had picked up considerably by noon. For some reason, one of the cashiers had been called to produce. Not only did I get stuck in the register, but so did the other bagger they had there. This, of course, meant nothing else got done, including carts.

Went straight home after that. Did a couple of Rick Steves' Europe episodes while eating a quick lunch. I love Rick's visits to Scandinavia. Such beautiful, clean, simple countries! The fjords of Norway looked all glowing and majestic, like something out of the book of Scandinavian fairy tales I used to take out all the time in high school. Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki are all simple, elegant cities. I especially love the domed cathedrals of Helskini, remnants of their years under Russian rule.

Headed to the laundromat after Rick ended. I was originally going to do the laundry tomorrow, but it's supposed to rain for a lot of the day. I'm glad I didn't put it off this week. The laundromat was pin-drop quiet when I arrived. I saw maybe one or two other people for the entire 40 minutes or so I was there. Pretty much concentrated on story notes and ignored everything else. I didn't really have a lot of laundry, anyway.

Put everything away when I got home, then went on the computer to work on writing. Leia spies a man in a green and red suit across the street from them. He's hiding his face...and he's armed with a gun and a knife. Luke brushes it off. Henry isn't so quick to ignore the man a few days later. They see him again after he, Leia, and Charles emerge from a vehicle exhibition. He does recognize the man...and he's not someone he wishes he knew. Charles immediately pulls them both along to the nearest carriage.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. I baked the fish cakes I picked up on Friday, along with the last of the green beans and some cherry tomatoes drizzled in olive oil. After I finished dinner, I worked on the crocheting project I've been doing for a while.

Finished out the night with Diamonds are Forever while I crocheted. Sean Connery's last Bond film for over a decade has him trying to ferret out a diamond smuggling ring, first in Denmark, then in Las Vegas. He's helped by mouthy Tiffany Case (Jill St. John), one of the links in the ring. The links keep ending up dead, thanks to a pair of very peculiar hit men. His search takes him to the Whyte House, a luxury hotel and casino run by Willard Whyte (Jimmy Dean), a reclusive millionaire. Is he behind the thefts, or is there someone else who wants the diamonds? And what do they have planned for them?

By far the strangest movie of the Connery Bond run. I've always had a soft spot for this one, from the garish neon lights of Vegas to several odd chases (including the one with the moon buggy in the desert) to Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, the world's weirdest killers. Extra points for an awesome theme song by Shirley Bassey. If you love the older Bond films or enjoy the campier aspects of the series, this is one of the most unusual and gets a major recommendation from me.

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