Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Adventures With Penguins and Bowery Boys

Began the morning with Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater. Tuxedo Sam, the action-loving blue penguin, is in the spotlight in most of these stories. "Peter Penguin" brings Kitty and Chip to Never-Say-Never Land to rescue his friend Dinglebell (My Melody) from Captain Catnip. He's "Tar-Sam of the Jungle," who protects Hello Kitty Jane and his adoptive gorilla family from poachers Grinder and Catnip. Sam plays Sir Lancelot to Chip's King Arthur in "Paws of the Round Table." "Crocodile Penguin" has Sam as the famous Australian wrestler, who's brought to New York by Catnip (with her bad Brooklyn accent) to fight Hulk Alligator (Grinder). He and Kitty find "Grinder Genie and the Magic Lamp" under the streets of Baghdad. They want his wishes to help save Grandpa Kitty's fishing boat from Sultana Catnip's heavy taxes, but Catnip has other ideas.

Worked on writing for about an hour in the morning and another hour or so after dinner. Leia comes to Corellia Manor, the home of Henry Solo and Luke Skywalker, in a downpour. Mon Mothma wants to find out what Henry's working on and what he intends to use it for. They're worried about Vader. His other Death Star airship is almost finished its repairs. It should be ready in time for Palpatine's coronation.

As they show Leia their chemistry lab, where Henry concocts new fuels for his shipping lines, Luke tells him he wants to leave temporarily. Before he died, Ben told him Liang Yoda, one of the greatest of all Jedi Guards, was alive and living in the Dagobah swamps. Henry gives him his consent, as long as he doesn't leave until after the Royal Regatta.

Finished out Hello Kitty, then headed for work. Work was very busy when I came in, with long lines. I had to take the register shortly after I arrived. It slowed down within the hour. I returned unwanted items until my break, then gathered carts for the rest of the afternoon. It wasn't the most pleasant day for it. While it was a bit warmer than yesterday, probably into the lower 60's, it remained cloudy and damp.

Went straight home after work. Had leftovers for dinner as soon as I got in. Put on one of my favorite Bowery Boys movie while I ate, before I returned to writing. They're "Angels In Disguise" when their friend Gabe Moreno, a cop, gets hurt during a shootout and another local cop is killed. They ferret out the leader of the group...who turns out to be a psychopathic young intellectual who reads Spinoza and doesn't tolerate bad manners or mistakes from anyone, including his men. Even Slip realizes he's out of his league dealing with one of the nastiest villains in the entire series and brings in the other guys, including a worried Louie, to help deal with them.

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