Friday, April 07, 2017

Better to Give Than To Receive

It was cloudy and cool when I got up for breakfast. Ran some Easter and spring-themed Max & Ruby while making corn meal mush and canned apricots for breakfast. "Max's Chocolate Chicken" is the prize for collecting the most eggs. Ruby finds all eggs, but thanks to her hungry brother, she doesn't get the prize. Louise and Ruby insist that Max be the first customer at "Ruby's Beauty Shop." Though they enjoy messing around with nail polish and wigs, Max prefers their hair dye in wild colors. Ruby's brother has wandered off in his toy car in "Max Drives Away." Ruby follows him to Grandma's house, where a surprise awaits both.

Spent the rest of the morning dressing the American Girl dolls for Easter. Decided to put Samantha in  her fancy pink and white Tea Dress this year, the one from her original collection with the big removable collar. She also got white tights, the white shoes with the pink ribbons that originally went with Rebecca's Lace Dress, and the flower-and-lace headband from her current accessories set. Josefina is in her turquoise, green, and white Feast Day skirt and ruffled camisa and the gold fringed Heirloom Accessories shawl. Felicity's in her salmon-pink Birthday Dress and floral pinner apron. Molly gets her Polka-Dot Outfit. Whitney's wearing (Kit's) Springtime Dress from a few years ago with the pink and white striped scrunchie ribbon from Samantha's Hair Accessories set. Jessa's back in the purple late 90's Birthday Jumper with the fruit print over the white and purple t-shirt. It's too chilly for the jelly sandals that go with that outfit, so she got to swipe Josefina's black mules.

I also did a little organization. Pulled out their spring clothes; put the winter ones away. Pulled one modern outfit I never put on the dolls anymore to give away later.

Ran more Max & Ruby while I got organized. "Max's Camp Out" will be a lot of fun, if Max would only stop bringing tons of his toys outside. "Ruby's Clubhouse" is a tent that's for her and Louise only. Max wants to join, too...but guess who's the one who has more protection when it rains. Ruby and Louise want to go on "Ruby's Picnic" to find birds. Max just wants to find cupcakes.

It was sprinkling a bit when I headed out around 12:30. First stop on the agenda today was the Oaklyn Library. They were dead as can be. The only human I ever saw was the librarian. I organized the DVD's, took a quick look at the kids' area, and moved on.

Had lunch at Tu Se Bella. They've done quite a bit of remodeling since the last time I was in there. The counter is now stonework instead of Formica. The walls are wood spirals; the tables are weathered wood, except for the metal one I ate my lunch at in the storefront window. Tu Se Bella's has the best gourmet pizza in this area. I had a slice of cheese, a slice of white broccoli-shrimp, and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. It was 1:30 by that point. They were a bit busy, but not overwhelmingly so.

Dodged the showers to head to work for my schedule and to do this week's grocery shopping. I'm a bit disappointed that I lost hours this week. On the other hand, I only have one late day (Monday again) and a lot of early days. Tuesday and Friday off again, Friday to celebrate my birthday.

Didn't need as big of a grocery trip as I did last week. I was mostly grabbing some fruit and vegetables on a really good sale, including green beans, Gala apples, and more of those sweet-tart Mineola oranges. Found tortilla-crusted tilapia fillets with a manager's coupon on them. Restocked yellow cake mix, whole wheat pancake mix, ground turkey, skim milk, canned mandarin oranges and apricots, white cooking wine, bananas, and more of those Chobani "Flip" yogurts (went with Key Lime Crumble, Coffee Brownie Bliss, and Tropical Escape this week). Tried getting whole wheat flour, but I didn't have enough money. I'll get it tomorrow.

When I got home, I put everything away, then headed back out. Studio LuLoo was empty when I arrived there, but that ended when Sarah came in, toting a guitar and her laptop. More kids arrived shortly after she did, including a mother toting an adorable baby boy who was just starting to crawl.

The kids loved the Ever After High dolls and small WebKinz I donated. The four girls split the female Ever After High dolls between them, leaving Courtley Jester and the Google for kids at the studio. They were really good about it, no arguing or complaints. I loved seeing them play with the dolls. It reminded me of my sisters and I when we were late-elementary school age and played with Barbies and Disney princess dolls. The one boy took Dexter and Alistair (when he wasn't bent over Animal Crossing on his Nintendo DS3). I watched them work on two numbers for their upcoming show before heading home to work on some writing.

Went right onto the computer when I got in. Luke manages to swing Leia across the bottom of the Death Star and onto Han's airship the Falcon. The Han's old pirate ship refitted as an airship, with a balloon replacing sails (and likely made from his original sails). The servants are already there; Han and Charles are on their way. As they get on, they notice two men fighting across from the ship...

Finished out the night with Pimpernel Smith while I ate green beans and a leftover chicken leg for dinner and made Apple-Butterscotch Muffins. Leslie Howard produced this modern-day version of his 1934 vehicle The Scarlet Pimpernel. Set in 1939, we have an absent-minded archaeological professor (Howard) taking a group of students, including an annoying American youth, with him on an expedition to Germany to find the possibility of an ancient Aryan civilization. The kids are shocked to discover that their teacher is really the daring man who has been rescuing dozens of unfortunates from concentration camps. They're more than  happy to help out, but their cover may be blown by a Polish spy who is far from what she seems to be.

Howard's last film before his untimely death in 1942 is pure British propaganda. The "Germans" are mostly blustery English character actors who ignore anything that doesn't suit their macho purposes, including the possibility that a meek professor could be a daring rescuer, or that a woman may have figured it out before them. If you love Howard or tales of derring-do in World War II, this one is just on DVD from made-to-order company Olive Films.

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