Saturday, June 06, 2020

Spring Into Summer

Began a bright, sunny day with breakfast and the 2009 CGI version of Strawberry Shortcake at Tubi. They're all hoping for a big vacation "Where the Berry Breeze Blows," but the resort they had reservations for cancels at the last minute. Orange Blossom is determined to make a resort on their own local lake that matches the grandeur of the one that canceled, but it proves to be a bit too much for them. Strawberry finally reminds her that what's important is making a place where her friends can have fun, not that it's exactly like the resort.

Switched to The Adventures of Paddington Bear from the late 90's at The Roku Channel. Paddington's "Adventure at the Seaside" gets a little scary when he drifts out to sea on a flotation device. "Paddington and the Pyramid Selling" takes him to Egypt, where he's conned into buying a pyramid for his friend Mr. Gruber. It takes intervention from Gruber to catch the con-man. Paddington wants badly to find "The Perfect Touch" for Gruber's new patio, to the annoyance of the man who owns the outdoor garden shop!

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedghog was far from the last time Sonic made it into animated form. The year after the first series ended, a second, more serious show debuted on ABC Saturday mornings. Simply titled Sonic the Hedgehog, this one made Sonic and his friends freedom fighters working to overthrow Robotnick and his far less goofy minions. They get into Indiana Jones turf in "Sonic and the Secret Scrolls." Despite the title, it's really Princess Sally who decides to go after the Sacred Scrolls. She's hoping they'll help them find a weapon that'll deal with Robotnick. While Sonic holds off Robotnick and his robots, Sally and their other friends (including the cowardly Antoine) translate the Scrolls and find out what they mean.

Went to Hulu for one of Disney's most peculiar animated series, Gravity Falls. In "Irrational Treasure," Mabel Pines is tired of everyone in town, including spoiled Pacifica Northwest, making fun of her because she's less serious than her brother Dipper. After Pacifica humiliates her during the town's Pioneer Day, she joins Dipper in finding out who the town's real founder was, and why the cops don't want them to find out.

Tried something different while the cartoons were on. I wanted to refill my cookie jar, but the weather is much too warm for baking. Found a recipe for Fudgy Cocoa No-Bake Cookies in one of my Hershey's cookbooks. They were pretty much butter, sugar, cocoa, peanut butter, milk, vanilla, and oats mixed together in a saucepot and cooled on racks. Yum! I boiled them just enough. They came out perfectly, very sweet, crackly, and rich.

Moved to Match Game for an episode from earlier in the week while I had lunch. There were some pretty odd players in this episode from near the end of 1978, including Jon Bauman in his goofy 50's "Bowzer" persona, Nancy Lane from Rhoda, and long-time Los Angeles Dodgers player Don Sutton. Sutton, surprisingly, did the best of the three, playing well and coming off as charming and funny. No wonder I read online that he later became a popular announcer with the Atlanta Braves.

Went for a short walk after the episode ended. While not quite as humid as yesterday, it remains sunny, hazy, and very hot, probably in the upper 80's. Most people who were out front were working in their gardens or chatting as closely as they could with their neighbors, and there were lots of kids out on bikes and people walking dogs. I strolled down Manor and back around, passing Rose's house before heading down to Goff Avenue. A boy greeted me as he fished off the edge of the boat landing, ignoring the increasingly algae-laden water.

Took the recycling downstairs when I got home, then rested for a while. Stayed on Hulu for more Doc McStuffins. I thought "Break Dancer" was entirely too appropriate. Lambie is shy around Doc's beautiful ballerina doll Bella, but she proves to be a great comfort when Bella breaks her leg and they have to find ways to distract her while it heals. Doc's friends Emmie and Alma can't figure out why their "Bubble Monkey" won't blow bubbles. Doc brings her to the toy office to find out, and learn why we should only put good food inside us.

Did some writing for a while after the cartoon ended. Malade finally arrives with her four ladies-in-waiting. Three of them wear pastel and silly smiles, but the fourth is a tall, slender woman with reddish-brown hair and a more serious expression. Charles and Richard believe her to be the contact, but Fannie vanishes before she can tell them...

Broke for dinner around quarter of 7. Watched the tail end of Classic Concentration while eating a quick leftovers dinner. The girl playing was barely out of her teens, but she managed to rack up an impressive collection of prizes before winning the car on her very first try!

Finished the night after a shower with The Frog Prince. I go further into the first Cannon Movie Tale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Family Fun Saturday - The Frog Prince (1986)

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