Thursday, June 25, 2020

Journey to the Center of Oaklyn

Started out a sunny morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. No one can touch that grandmother-granddaughter team. They beat a man and won the Gold Rush bonus round to become the show's all-time biggest winners. The two were working their way through another solo lady when the show ended.

Spent the rest of the morning finishing my DVD project. Had enough DVD cases left to move some of the animated DVDs from books to cases and the remaining Christmas DVDs into books. Moving the Christmas DVDs freed up slim CD cases for the Christmas CDs (and the one Halloween party music CD I have), which made room in the narrow crate I use for them.

Watched My Gal Sal at the TV Times Musicals app while I worked. I go further into this romp with Victor Mature as a popular songwriter in the 1890's and Rita Hayworth as his on-again, off-again muse at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

My Gal Sal

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while having a Strawberry-Banana Smoothie for lunch. "Daniel Feels Two Feelings" when he's happy he can play with his friends, but upset that Margaret has to take a nap. His mother explains that this is normal; everyone feels two things at the same time sometimes. "The Neighborhood Carnival" also prompts many feelings when Daniel is excited by and nervous about riding the Ferris Wheel and Prince Wednesday is happy to play ring toss, but frustrated that he can't seem to win.

Watched a little of Classic Concentration while doing the dishes. A delightful older British woman kept finding prizes, even when she claimed she couldn't remember where they were! She just barely missed the car the first time she went to the bonus round. The second time was the charm; she won the car in the last few seconds.

Headed out to run errands after the show ended. It was off and on cloudy all morning, and I'd debated whether or not to get the laundry done. I didn't really have much to do anyway, so I figured I might as well get it done today. I did the right thing. The laundromat was quiet the entire day, with barely two people seen inside the entire time. Even so, I still opted to sit outside and write notes. Ran to Family Dollar and picked up more bins, too (they had more of the smaller ones).

Tattletales was on the last question when I walked in the door and wiped down the bins. William and Janice were the big winners, even with everyone missing the last question. I folded clothes and put them away while watching Press Your Luck. We had another new champion today. The woman did hit two Whammies in the tense second half, but she also hit a lot of money. The other two kept getting small amounts.

Worked on writing for the rest of the afternoon. Richard, Lee, and the trolls tease Sheriff Ira Skutch about his dripping silk hose and cape, the result of Orson and Debralee dumping him in the moat.  Lee forces Ira to reveal that the slumbering Marcia (Wallace) is being held in the Rose Room on the top floor of the Palace. No one has been able to awaken her, not even Ira. Richard, Jo Ann, Lee, and the trolls hold off Ira and his guards, while Gene takes care of the boys and Betty leads Bill and the others to find Marcia.

I brought up the box with the CD binder pages as I was finishing up today's writing. The box was squashed on one end, but the pages were fine. It was too late to work with them by that point. I'll load up the musical CDs tomorrow.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Ron Valenti continued his winning streak on Match Game, charming not only Fannie Flagg, but Betty White after the panel changed, too. I have no idea why Sale of the Century skipped way ahead. It could have to do with this being the episode with the show's second 100,000 dollar winner. He bought no Instant Bargains and still left everyone else in the dust.

Finished the night with a couple of oddities. Went to Shout Factory to check out an earlier Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode,  Hercules and the Captive Women. is the third of four Italian "Hercules" sword and sandal epics the show covered in seasons 3 and 4. Here, Hercules has to rescue his friend Androcles, the true King of Thebes, from the wicked queen of Atlantis who wants to sacrifices her daughter to keep the throne. As the robots frequently joked, that's enough plot for three movies! There's really only one "captive woman" (and a captive man) and the production is cheesy and cheap, but it's fun to watch, and the evil queen with the 60's beehive who tried to bed Hercules and keep control of Atlantis was a hoot.

Several episodes of the original 1980's Muppet Babies can be found on YouTube. One is "Journey to the Center of the Nursery" from the fourth season. Nanny teaches the Muppets about how the Earth's crust works when there's an earthquake and Fozzie loses  his skate key. Gonzo takes the kids on a journey to the Earth's core via an elevator to find the key. The kids meet a pair of very hip moles, have a close encounter with a king who wants them to work in his salt mines, and help a little old man try to control all of the earthquake epicenters on the surface.

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