Saturday, June 27, 2020

Once Upon a Summertime

Kicked off a hot, rainy morning with breakfast and the 2003 Strawberry Shortcake. Seaberry tells the girls "The Legend of the Lost Treasure" when Blueberry and Rainbow Sherbet argue over sand dollars on the beach. Long ago, five mermaids found golden sand dollars under the sea. Two became greedy and did nothing but gather them, ignoring their friends. They learn to value their friends more than gold in a hurry when a sea monster captures them and forces them to hunt for more treasure.

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I cleaned up from breakfast and got organized. It's "Fruit Picking Day" at the Enchanted Garden. Daniel and Prince Wednesday wish they were as tall as Prince Tuesday, so they can get fruit from the highest branches. They learn that it's not so bad to be little when Tuesday can't reach the golden pear that's stuck in a root. "Daniel Is Big Enough to Help Dad' build a playhouse and paint the bottom of the door, though he wishes he could use larger tools.

Went to Buzzr after checking something online. Split Second was a close race today, but the only guy pulled ahead in the Countdown Round and won by one question. He didn't choose the board with the car and opted to return and try again.

Headed out shortly after Split Second ended. I had a lot of errands to run today, starting with a quick trip to WaWa for money from the ATM machine. They were pretty busy, as far as I could tell. Good thing all I needed was 20 dollars for the Farm Market across the street.

Despite it being 11:30 by then, the Collingswood Farm Market was also busy. I caught one of the last bags of mini portobello mushrooms at the mushroom booth before they sold out this time, thank goodness. Found the first ears of corn and New Jersey blueberries of the season. Also grabbed cherries, strawberries, a green pepper, and a cucumber.

Ran into one of the librarians from the Haddon Township Library while I was there. They don't know when they'll be opening for more than carryout...but maybe that's just as well. I can't exactly carry big piles of books and DVDs with my bad arm right now.

This time, I went back to Oaklyn via Bettlewood and Beechwood Avenue. The post office is on Bettlewood, at the top of the hill. Maybe because it was past noon at that point, but they were totally dead. I sent a second letter to Willa via certified mail and went on my way.

The Oaklyn Post Office is a block from Dollar General, so I went there next. I was going to buy more bins, but Rose mentioned she had boxes to give me from Amazon. Opted to hold off on them and just picked up sponges and a strawberry Powerade, along with my favorite pecan roll as a treat. They weren't quite as busy; there was a short line, but it moved fast.

It rained this morning and spit briefly on the way home, but by 1 PM, it was mainly hot, windy, and sticky-humid. The sun came out as I started down Manor, and would stay out for the rest of the day. At least the weather has helped the plant life! The trees are so full and green this year, and the vibrant orange tiger lilies tower over the scarlet rose bushes and rich cobalt blue and purple velvet hydrangeas.

There was a letter from Willa waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home. It basically said "clean the apartment before you leave, because we're going to inspect it and take money out of the security deposit if something is wrong, don't leave any furniture, and good luck in your future endeavors." Pretty much what I expected.

Had a Berry-Banana Smoothie and celery with peanut butter for lunch when I got in while watching episodes of Match Game from earlier in the week. Dancer Bobby Van, Sarah Kennedy of Laugh-In, and comedy writer and comedienne Ann Elder join in for jokes about how Bobby treats his toes when they don't behave and Charles teasing Richard about all the girls now gravitating to him for the Head-to-Head Round.

After lunch, I took a nice long nap. I got up relatively early to go to the Farm Market and had a long walk to get a lot done. Not to mention, it was a rare afternoon when there was no noise around me, no Charlie fussing at the dogs or running the lawn mower or leaf blower. I slept for two solid hours and felt much better afterwards.

Went into writing around 4. Brett, Charles, and Jo Ann the flower fair follow Betty and Allen the frog to a winding staircase on the edge of the Palace, with Brett and Charles arguing all the way. The fussing stops when Brett and Jo Ann claim there's black magic at the top of the stairs, and they both feel sick. Charles offers them his arms to help them up the staircase.

Broke for dinner at quarter after 6. Boiled corn on the cob and threw together Cucumber-Tomato Salad to go with the other breaded flounder fillet for dinner. Ran more Charlie's Angels as I ate, this time from the second season. "Angels In the Wings" brings the girls into the movie business as Ellen Jason (Shani Wallis), the female star of a movie musical in the midst of production, asks for their help in finding out who's behind a series of accidents. They discover that the stage she's filming on is considered jinxed after the star of an older film musical died in an accident there.

Meanwhile, Kris is fangirling over Ellen's estranged husband. He discovers she has an excellent singing voice and gets her a part. Meanwhile, the other Angels learn that the husband has been working with some unsavory types who want money from him, and there's a mysterious figure roaming around the catwalks, reliving the day when his beloved dancing beauty died...

Finished out the night with the Disney movie Melody Time before tonight's Match Game syndicated premiere on YouTube. I go further into this collection of animated shorts from the 1940's at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Animation Celebration Saturday - Melody Time

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