Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Heat Is On

Ugh. Awoke to a hot, muggy morning. Had breakfast while watching Blockbusters. The returning lady's comeback must have worked - she was the champ and won just as I tuned in. She only missed one question on the Gold Rush bonus round and won that, too, but had a harder time with a quick-on-the-buzzer mother-daughter pair.

Switched to Molly of Denali as I finished eating and did the dishes. Molly's friend Trini is amazed at  how big vegetables get in Alaska, especially "Cabbagezilla." She's convinced that a moose is trying to eat her giant cabbage. She and Molly do everything they can to keep the moose out...but the real culprits aren't what Trini thinks. Molly plays the "Name Game" when her stoic Aunt Myrna tells her that her parents and grandparents all have tribal names that describe who they are or what they love. Molly wants one too, but there's no book of tribal names in the library. Inspired by talking to her neighbors about their tribal names, she writes her own.

Went to Hulu for Doc McStuffins "Frida Fairy Flies Again!" when Doc takes a fairy kite whose wing tore on a tree branch in for repair. Trouble is, Frida is convinced she's a real fairy who can fix her wings with magic and then gets upset that the patch doesn't look like the rest of her wings. Doc and the others point out that magic won't solve all her problems, and the patch makes her unique. "A Tale of Two Dragons" introduces a robotic dragon owned by Doc's brother whose wings won't pop out. After she fixes his wings, Stuffy gets jealous of everything this newcomer can do and tries to be as scary as him.

Finally headed out around quarter of 1. Whew, it was a hot one here today! Must have gotten into the mid-90's...and not only did a nice breeze not help, but it was hazy and humid, too. I'm surprised I saw as many people out riding bikes and working in their yards as I did. The adults must have wanted to get their yards together before most of them go back to work next week.

The heat must have scared people away from the Acme. They were dead as can be today...and fairly empty, too. For once, it was normal sale items that went missing. Given how hot it's been, I think you can guess that all the ice cream on sale vanished. Decided that those tasty organic fruit bars were far better for me than any of the ice cream. Off-brand white flour was 99 cents; it's probably left over from the baking boom in March and April. The Kashi shredded wheat is still on sale; went with Autumn Harvest this time. Grabbed coconut for a recipe later. Restocked cocoa, yogurt, milk, peanut butter, oatmeal, ground turkey, butter, strawberries, and bananas.

Password Plus with Patty Duke and Jon "Bowzer" Bauman was ending as I arrived home. By the time I was eating lunch, they'd moved on to Super Password. Constance McCashin may have been the one who got her contestant to the Super Password bonus round, but Jamie Farr managed to help his get the super-hard "Ca$hword" mini-game.

Started another batch of no-bake cookies as Tattletales came on. I saw a recipe that used vanilla and coconut instead of chocolate and peanut butter. Added a little lemon in with the coconut, too. I don't think it set as well as the chocolate-peanut butter ones did, but they otherwise came out pretty decently, nice and chewy. Slid them into the refrigerator as people avoided trick-or-treating Whammies on the Halloween 1984 episode of Press Your Luck.

Did some writing for a while after that. Lee and Charles break away as the song ends. He wants to avoid the crowds. She's hoping to find Richard, who is still dancing with evil Queen Malade. She's well aware that he's really Robin Hood...and so is Malade, who won't let him go until Lee cuts in.

Broke for dinner at 6. Had turkey burgers with salad and tomatoes while watching Match Game. A pregnant contestant came in for a few jokes in the first episode, as Patti Deustch was also expecting what would become her son Max at that time. The second one brought on a college student with the memorable name of Delight who was perky and very funny, but not terribly good at the game.

Sale of the Century was a nail-biter today. The champ and the other man went back and forth the whole time. In the end, the champ bought a trip to the Bahamas and still managed to blast through the speed round. He said he had his eye on a grand piano that was the next prize up and opted to once again return tomorrow.

Finished the night before the Match Game syndicated premiere on YouTube with some more vintage shows. In the Hart to Hart third-season opener "Harts and Flowers." The Harts' housekeeper Max has named his prize rosebush the Jennifer Hart Rose and entered it in a contest. Not only does the judge think that Jennifer is the one who entered the roses, but someone is killing off the other entrants one by one...and Jennifer is the next target!

I'd heard of Designing Women as a kid, but I rarely watched the very adult-oriented sitcom line-up at CBS. Since it's at Hulu, I thought I'd give it a try. Went with a first season episode, "A Big Affair." Suzanne (Delta Burke) is hoping to impress an important client at an intimate dinner party, but Charlene, the business manager of their design firm (Jean Smart), isn't as happy when she's set up on a date with a wealthy but overweight man. She's not sure what to think of the guy, especially given all his jokes are directed at himself and his girth. They finally have a talk after Suzanne has more than a little difficulty getting the new cook to prepare the food for her guests and they don't end up eating much anyway.

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