Saturday, June 20, 2020

First Harvest of the Summer

Began the day with a call from Rose. She got my letter, looked it over, and printed it out. Now, we just need to give it to Willa. She wanted to look over the apartment with me, too, and see if any of the furniture she wants to give me will fit. There was a mention of possibly stopping at Target in there, too.

First thing after I finished reading and writing in my journal was breakfast. Did a few black and white Silly Symphony shorts in honor of the first day of summer as I ate and got organized. "Playful Pan" has to stop fire from destroying the forest. "Night" and "Frolicking Fish" show what happens around a pond during the evening and the daytime, while "Summer" has warm-weather animals frolicking and eating one another. "Bugs In Love" are a pair of ladybug sweethearts out for a date at an insect amusement park. When they're attacked by a hungry crow, it'll take the entire bug community to rescue them.

Headed out to the Collingswood Farm Market around quarter of 11. At the very least, they're now allowing people to bring strollers and carts in to carry heavier loads. It's not like they don't have the room! (Still no dogs or music, though.) I saw blueberries, melons, and cherries for the first time this year. Mushrooms were sold out, but I was able to pick up cherries, an onion, and more spring peas.

Went across the street to a busy WaWa for sparkling water. Was disappointed to notice faded and hastily-written "for sale" signs in the Hair Cuttery's windows. I guess those couple of months they lost were too much for them. (Online research later in the afternoon revealed that Hair Cuttery recently filed for bankruptcy, and all the recent trouble didn't help.)

While it remained sunny and breezy on my way home, unlike last week, it was also sticky hot and humid, and heavy clouds built up on the horizon. Despite the warm weather, I dodged lots of people walking, running, and biking in Newton Lake Park. Lots of boaters and kayakers enjoying a trip on the sparkling green river, too.

This time, I went straight home. Had a quick lunch while watching Match Game and Classic Concentration. The former was a repeat of an episode from earlier in the week. The latter pitted two young adult contestants in striped shirts against each other. The boy won, and with only half the puzzle revealed. Didn't help him with the car, though.

Yesterday, I went ahead and ordered three more of those DVD boxes. They were here when I left this morning. I put them upstairs, just in case it rained before I got in. For some reason, two came in one large box, and one came in a smaller box. That may work out better for me - more to pack with! Loaded the comedies, the animated films, and about half of the animated shorts and TV show sets into them. Moved the Christmas cartoons in with the regular cartoons so I could use the slim boxes for the cartoon sets.

Moved to Hulu for Barbie: The Pearl Princess while I worked. This under-the-sea Cinderella tale introduces us to Lumina, a mermaid who has the power to control pearls. Her Aunt Scylla forbids her to use this magic or leave their grotto home, for fear that someone might try to steal her away. One day, her aunt is called to the royal castle for a ball. Lumina and her seahorse Kuda long to see the castle, and they have their opportunity when Scylla loses the invitation. Fefriending a grouchy stonefish named Spike after Lumina caps his spines with pearls, they head into the city to find Scylla. Lumina and Kuda end up hiding in a mermaid beauty shop, where Lunina's pearl hair creations become the talk of the town. She and Kuda get their own invitations to the ball...but even as they dance the night away, they discover a plot by the king and queen's head guard Caligo to put his shy, plant-loving son on the throne. Lumina has to use her powers to rescue the king and queen...and truly figure out where she belongs.

This is more typical of the Barbie specials than Mariposa or Three Musketeers, with its mermaid princess and intricate plot. If you have little girls who love Cinderella or mermaid stories, this one is worth checking out at least once.

Switched to Jem on Tubi after Barbie ended. "Father's Day" is rough on Kimber, whose father died when she was little, and Pizzazz, whose rich dad is alive but mostly ignores her. Clash, one of the Misfits' roadies, invites them to her dad's house in a small town for Father's Day. Also visiting for Father's Day is her cousin Video, who films music videos for both groups. Fed up with Clash constantly bragging about knowing the Misfits, Video tells the town that Jem and the Holograms will play a concert and a new song written for her dad. Trouble is, Kimber's having problems writing that song...until an unexpected father figure rescues her from a horse accident.

Popeye has his own problems with his father. He defeats the strange creatures of "Goonland" to rescue his Pappy, only for Pappy to not appreciate it much. "My Pop, My Pop" is determined to build his half of the ship himself. His son finally gives him a little spinach-fueled help. "With Poopdeck Pappy" and "Problem Pappy" are variations on "Pappy wants to go out and have fun but Popeye wants him to rest." He'll make every sound in town behave to let his father recover from his hangover in "Quiet Pleeze!"

It was originally supposed to rain at 11, but I didn't feel the first raindrops until I dragged the boxes inside, and it didn't really start storming until about 2. Not only was it a noisy, heavy storm, but it lingered, too. The rain didn't stop until nearly 5.

Rose called as I was sweeping the empty boxes into trash bags. I'd forgotten to call her back when I got home from the Farm Market! I was so embarrassed. Jodie called as I was writing. She and Rose said I shouldn't be so hard on myself. She's just about done cleaning and painting. We can look at the apartment tomorrow.

After all that, I did manage to get some writing in. Gene uses his magic to distract one troll, while Jo Ann the flower fairy distracts another. Charles is surprised when Sir Dick Gautier, who has also been turned into a troll, joins them to stop the third. He knocks down one door and gives the others the keys to the remaining ones.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood episodes on families. Katerina, Daniel, and Jodi have to "Find What Makes Your Family Special" as they play over each other's houses. Katerina wishes she had siblings, but she does appreciate all the time she spends with her mom Henrietta. Dan and Jodi's siblings may drive them crazy at times, but they love being the big brother and sister. Dan and the other kids tell their friends what makes their families unique as they draw branches for the family tree in the library on "Family Day."

Finished the night after a shower with The Girl Next Door. I go further into this charming romantic comedy about a father, his son, and the Broadway star who moves in next to them at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Happy Father's Day! - The Girl Next Door

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