Friday, June 12, 2020


After the humidity and rain we've had the last few days, I was very happy to awaken to a warm but fairly comfortable room and a sunny day. Had breakfast while watching Blockbusters. The lady beat the first set of mother-daughter contestants, and though she stumbled early on the Gold Rush bonus round, she did win it. She'd started playing another mother-daughter team when the episode ended.

Switched to Doc McStuffins while finally pushing my new pillows into the quilted cases. I'm not the only one who's dealing with flattened stuffed objects. In Doc's case, her stuffed owl Professor Hootenburgh became "Professor Pancake" when she got stuck under the toy box. Doc and the others have to teach her how to exercise and get herself back into shape. Normally, Gloria the Giggling Gorilla says "You Crack Me Up," but not when she's constantly scratching her cracked leather belly. Doc's mother has the solution to Gloria's itchy problem.

Moved on to The Roku Channel and the 2003 Strawberry Shortcake while doing dishes. "Strawberry's Berry Big Journey" is to visit Tangerina Torta and see a rare flower that blooms only once every ten years. She, Angel Cake, Ginger Snap, Orange Blossom, and the pets take to the road for a long car trip. Angel Cake and Ginger Snap complain about the bumps and getting lost, but Strawberry and Orange Blossom are more open to side trips, even when lonely Banana Candy tries to keep them from leaving the town she runs alone.

Briefly returned to Match Game on Buzzr as I rounded up the laundry. Marlena was the second contestant in the first two weeks of 1974 who got really crazy. She's another one who was so excited, even Richard refrained from kissing her. She even lost her shoe when she ran up to embrace Morey Amsterdam for getting the Head-to-Head right.

Strolled out at around 12:30 to run errands. My first stop of the day was at WaWa. I needed to use the ATM machine and get money for the laundromat. Treated myself to a black cherry sparkling water and a pretzel while I was there.

The laundromat is only two blocks down the White Horse Pike from WaWa. Not only were they a bit busy, but there weren't many places left to sit. Another set of chairs had been removed, leaving the ones on the end, against the pillars, and right under the windows in the front. I decided I was better off going elsewhere and put my clothes in the long, slow washer to give me time.

Family Dollar is a block from the laundromat. I was hoping to pick up more cheap bins and DVD cases. Bins I had no trouble finding. I picked up two for 6 dollars each. Though they still carry DVDs, the sweet girl up front did say they no longer carried cases. (And the girl was a doll, very nice and helpful. She's probably the nicest person I've seen at that Family Dollar. Most of their employees tend to be mean or grouchy.)

Though it wasn't as busy when I returned, I finally decided it was too nice of a day to work on story notes inside. Not to mention, I'm sick and tired of hearing bad news on Channel 6. I settled on the stone curb between the laundromat's parking lot and the house behind it, only going inside when it was time to move the clothes to the dryer.

Had a lovely walk home, enjoying the stunning weather. While it remained hot, in the upper 80's, yesterday's rain was replaced by soft sunshine, fresh breezes, a clear blue sky, and no humidity. Lots of people out with me too, from couples taking a stroll to kids on bikes or playing catch in their front yards to people working on gardens and chatting (from a distance) with their neighbors.

Put my clothes away, then had a quick lunch while watching Buzzr. Patty Duke and Jon "Bowzer" Bauman continued their run on Password Plus, while Fred Grandy helped his contestant win a 25,000 dollar jackpot on Super Password. Sammy Cahn and his wife Tita made the banana (yellow) section go bananas as the big winners on Tattletales.

Had started to pack up the boxes of photos, old family videos, and assorted cookie cutters and other bits from the back room into the bins by the time Press Your Luck was on. Everyone got hit with the Whammy today...except the lady who went on to win two vacations, a collection of modern art, and a car, among other things. Needless to say, she was by far the day's big champ.

Went into writing after the show ended. Lee cuts between Malade and Richard, before the former can transform the bandit into an animal. Charles returns to the stage to tell Clifton he and Joyce are going to be busy as Lee explains to Richard who she is and why she's really there...

Broke for dinner and Match Game at 6. Richard got to shine at something besides the Head-to-Head in these episodes. Both involved some pretty crazy jokes from him, one about his mother-in-law, and another about his older brother. Sale of the Century brought in three new contestants, all of whom were pretty much even for most of the game. For the first time in weeks, the one woman got a money card in the Fame Game that helped her slightly pull ahead in the end.

Finished the night by discovering another streaming service with free programs. NBC's website has many vintage shows for free with ads. I started off with one I haven't seen since I was a young child, The Bionic Woman. Jamie Sommers is a reluctant "Bionic Beauty" in the first season when she's entered in a beauty pageant to find a missing computer circuit. Turns out the crooked pageant MC (Bert Parks, who was the real Miss America MC for years) rigged the pageant and intended for the winner to unsuspectingly smuggle the computer part out of the country. Jamie has to put aside her dislike of pageants to stop the thief and find the computer part.

Charles In Charge was one of my favorite shows when I was about 9 or 10. Charles (Scott Baio) and his rather dimwitted friend Buddy (Willie Aames) are college students who work as a nanny (and a nanny's friend) for a trio of kids, their harried mother, and grouchy and sarcastic ex-military grandpa. Though the show started off on CBS, it did far better when it moved to syndication in 1987. I chose one of the early syndicated episodes, "Pizza Party Protest." Charles and Buddy are horrified when one of the heads of their college (James Karen) attempts to close down their favorite pizza joint to build a parking lot. Sarah (Josie Davis) is working on an assignment at school about becoming a journalist...and she's the one who inspires Charles to look at the big picture and find out why the college dean really wants the restaurant out of the way.

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