Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Four Hands Make Light Work

Began a late morning with breakfast and Molly of Denali. Molly and her friend Tooey help her Aunt Midge with "Sap Season," learning how to collect sap from trees and boil it into syrup. The trio get into a sticky situation when a raven lets their boat go downstream and they have to figure out a way to get back to Qyah. A man from Florida comes to Alaska with the "Book of Mammoths" that claims woolly mammoths still exist. Molly and her father act as guides, taking him into the wilderness to hunt down the mammoth. Molly can't help thinking there's something wrong with the book...but even after research disproves the book's claims, they still introduce him to the real wonders of Alaska.

Switched to Doc McStuffins while doing the dishes. "Take Your Doc to Work Day" has Doc's mom, also a doctor, bringing her along to the office for the afternoon. Doc has to take care of three toys in the waiting room, including a doll who is tired of her curly hair and wants a new style. Alien toy Star Blazer Zero is having a hard time staying on "Blazer's Bike." Turns out his owner put the wrong helmet on him. Doc and the others remind him of the importance of having a helmet that fits.

Had Match Game going in the background as I headed in the back room. It's time for me to clear out my journals. I've written in journals almost every day since February 2007. They now fill three plastic crates and a plastic shoe box! I tore out three fairy tales I wrote around 2017, but I otherwise got rid of all of the journals written between 2007 and last year. I kept the oldest journals from my childhood and college and the ones from the last year. The rest went back into the crates to take downstairs to be recycled when I can lift them.

Went back to Doc McStuffins as I emerged for lunch. Doc and her friends are "Training Army Al," her brother Donny's army action figure, for a trip into the woods with Donny. Bronty's worried that his friend might get hurt, but Al is more than up to the task. Sproingo Boingo is a new Slinky fox toy who wants to make friends. "Sproingo Boingo Takes the Leap" when the Wicked King dares him to jump off a high ledge. Doc fixes spring when it gets bent on his landing, then reminds him that there's better way to make friends than doing something dangerous.

The Roku Channel has the full run of The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That. Sally and Nick want to put up a tent, but it's not going well. The Cat takes them to an ant colony to show how "Many Ants Make Light Work," and how working together at a specific job can make any task work better. Nick and Sally build the "Nest Best Thing" when they ruin a bird's nest and the Cat brings them to a robin who can help them build another one.

Went downstairs and discovered a box laying by the mailbox. The first part of my order had arrived! I bought 100 slim two-disc DVD cases. Moved the TV sets into them while watching Buzzr. Lindsay Bloom and Jamie Widdoes continue their run on Super Password. Jamie botched the Ca$hword mini-game, and Lindsay didn't really do much better on the Super Password bonus round. Scoey and Claire Mitchlll, who were married for years, were the big winners on Tattletales. The woman on Press Your Luck lost to a young man who hit two Whammies and came out with a new game table.

Did some writing after the show ended. Far from being afraid of the trolls, Brett's sons Adam and David think they're cool. Sir Gautier offers to give them a ride upstairs on his back and under his arm. Sir Walden takes Brett herself upstairs, with the others following. No sooner do they get back in the main hall than they run into a waterlogged Sheriff Ira Skutch, whose men just fished him out of the moat. Richard says he'll take on Skutch and cover their escape, but Sir Gautier has other ideas...

Broke a little early for dinner at 6. Quickly ate leftovers, then continued with my DVD project. Went back to Buzzr as I worked. Ron Valenti, the handsome contestant who first appeared at the very end of yesterday's Match Game, turned Fannie Flagg's head when he kissed her after she first gave him the right answer in the Audience Match, then won him money on the Head-to-Head. Meanwhile, Gene's joking about hauling around a heavy old microphone and Ethel Merman is yelling at Brett for her constant chatter. Fannie continued to admire Ron as he won the next round, even though Richard ended up helping him this time.

Things didn't go as well for yesterday's champ on Sale of the Century. No one got too far ahead today. One person would buy an Instant Bargain, only for another to get a money card on the Fame Game board. The new champ finally pulled ahead in the speed round, then opted to come back for that London trip.

Rose called while I was watching Sale. She couldn't open the file with my letter. I thought I saved it in WordPad, but I guess I didn't. I did finally get it into WordPad, and she was able to print off a copy. Now I just need to find a copier to print two more copies, one for me, one to send Willa via the mail. She also helped me take down the five trash bags filled with old flat pillows and DVD boxes and rearrange the other boxes so Charlie can put the air conditioner in.

Finished the night after a shower with more Charlie's Angels. "Angels On the Air" from the second season gives Kelly and Sabrina a crash-course in radio reporting when someone takes a shot at a reporter for a local station. Sabrina takes to the skies as a roving weather reporter to check out the tough helicopter pilot, Kelly becomes the on-air anchor to look into a case involving an abused wife and her husband, and Kris stays on the ground to look into a killer-turned-hippie.

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Linda said...

Is there nothing worth keeping in the 2007-2018 journals? I still have my old diaries in a Xerox paper box. Wouldn't think of trashing them.