Friday, June 19, 2020

Ah Suburbia!

Woke up a lot earlier than I have been lately to a sunny, hot morning. I just couldn't sleep last night. Had breakfast while watching a What's My Line? episode from 1972. The panel just couldn't figure anything out today. They missed the street car driver, the lady who tested snuff, and the guess-the-audience-member's profession mini-game. I'll give them failing to figure out who the Mystery Guest was. I never heard of Rocky Graziano myself. Apparently, he was a boxer and actor.

Went through my Christmas records and CDs and did a few things online while Supermarket Sweep was on. I think it was one of the episodes from the mid-late 90's. Dave had silvery hair and wore a tie, there were two mini-sweeps at the beginning of the first and second half of the show, and there were more variety in the bonuses brought back during the Big Sweep. Sale of the Century was a repeat of the End of Summer high school tournament I saw a few months ago. The kids all played really well, but a basketball player came out on top and even won 5,000 in the bonus round.

Switched to listing all the furniture I wanted to get rid of by the time Split Second was on...and there's a lot I want to get rid of. Between the four closets (two of them walk-in) in the new apartment and moving my movie and music collection to books and small boxes, I don't really need the extra shelf space anymore. I'll keep the crates for the records, but there isn't nearly enough room for two small and ten large shelves. I had those shelves because there's no storage space in here. The "closets" are tiny holes with no racks or shelves. I should be able to fit the narrower shelves, but the wider ones...I don't know what I'll do with those. There's the wardrobes, too. They won't close to fit in the new place.

Split Second was a repeat of that awesome episode from St. Patrick's Day when the woman not only came from behind to win, but chose the board the car was under on her first try. The grandmother-granddaughter pair just keep kicking rear on Blockbusters. The granddaughter only missed one question on the Gold Rush round, and neither the solo woman nor the solo man could get close to them.

Went to the TVTime Comedy app to watch the original 1935 non-musical version of Ah, Wilderness! while finishing my list and working on my crocheted pillow case. Eric Linden is Richard Miller, the graduating teen in 1906 Connecticut who thinks reading Shaw and erotic poetry makes him very adult. Delicate Cecelia Parker really looks the part of his sweet girlfriend who isn't quite ready for kissing yet. Lionel Barrymore isn't bad as Nat, Richard's wise newspaper editor father Nat; Wallace Beery is a great drunk Uncle Sid. The later movie version Summer Holiday stays remarkably true to the original show, up to and including the romance between Sid and Aunt Lilly (Aline MacManon). Mickey Rooney is the annoying little brother here.

I actually think Summer Holiday has the better cast, but this one is interesting, if a little slow-moving, for fans of the cast or coming-of-age stories.

Had lunch around quarter of 1. Watched Match Game, and then Classic Concentration, while I ate. Orson Bean and Marcia Wallace made their first appearances on Match Game in this episode from 1974. Yesterday's champ from Classic Concentration not only won all the prizes, he finally got the car, too. The funny older lady from Brooklyn that he beat went on to win the next round, though she couldn't get the car.

Went for a walk around 1:30. It was hot, sunny, and humid, probably in the mid-upper 80's. People definately weren't social distancing at the picnic tables on West Clinton or gathered around Elsie's across from WaWa. WaWa itself was thankfully a lot quieter. I treated myself to a chocolate banana smoothie and a soft pretzel.

When I got home, I dropped into bed for a nap. I was up late and didn't sleep in as much as I have been lately. Couldn't even keep my eyes open long enough to watch the afternoon shows.

Awoke in time to do some writing. Lee, Betty, and the frog lead them into the basement, which is the equivalent of a dungeon in the fairly recent Password Palace. There's trolls guarding the entrance, but one seems very familiar...and he may be willing to help...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Previous big winner C.B Farnsworth reappeared in the audience on Match Game; Brett and Richard even performed a bit of the song they came up with when he was a contestant. Sale of the Century crowned a new champ, a woman who bought two Instant Bargains, won two out of the three Fame Games, and just barely won the speed round when the drummer missed a question. Though she said the organ they had as the first prize was nice, she too opted to return and try again.

Switched to Summer Rental after dinner. After air traffic controller Jack Chester (John Candy) has a near-breakdown at work, he's ordered to take a vacation. The trip doesn't go well at first. They first end up in the wrong house, then discover that the shack they're really staying in is on the direct path to a noisy public beach. Jack gets into a feud with obnoxious local big shot Al Pellet (Richard Crenna) when Pellet bumps him in line at a fancy seafood restaurant. Jack ends up with a sun burn and an injury that forces him to spend time at home and away from his family. He finally signs up to learn how to sail from Scully (Rip Torn), the crusty owner of a seafood joint housed on a run-down boat.

When the owner of their house dies, it turns out that Pellet has bought the house and intends to throw them out. Jack bets the amount of their rent for the rest of the summer that he can beat him in the local regatta. He, Scully and his unusual crew, and the rest of the Chesters work hard to make the Barnacle sea-worthy...and learns that the family who works together, kicks snob rear together.

This is basically a less-quirky variation on One Crazy Summer with a family instead of teens and almost the same ending. Enjoyable enough if you're a fan of Candy or 80's comedies.

Finished the night with another trip-themed episode of Charlie's Angels before the Match Game syndicated premiere on YouTube. "Angels at Sea" from the first season takes Kelly, Sabrina, Bosley, and Jill onto a cruise ship that's been experiencing more than the usual amount of fatalities. The ladies first have to figure out which of their suspects is the killer, then stop the bombs he's planted all over the ship.

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